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SAP ABAP / SAP Advanced Business Application Programming

SAP ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming)

In this course, programming with the coding language SAP ABAP is introduced and applied to the leading standard software in the field of Enterprise Resource Planning, SAP ERP.

As a first step, basic concepts of ABAP are explained, and methods of developing software for SAP ERP are introduced. Further contents of the course are ABAP’s powerful Type concept, the modularization of programs, working with databases and especially the different possibilities of designing and customizing interfaces.

The contents are presented by using examples which have to be programmed by the participants directly on the system. Conclusively, the gained knowledge is further strengthened by solving a complex case study in a less guided way of teaching. An outlook on ABAP objects rounds off the course.


What is the target audience?

·       Everyone

·       Beginners through to season SAP Consultants

·       SAP Functional Consultants looking to learn ABAP skills

·       SAP Project Team members

·       College Students wanting to get ahead with their studies

·       SAP BASIS Consultants wanting to expand their knowledge

·       SAP BW Consultants - ABAP play a BIG part in this role


What am I going to get from this course?

·       Get your first job in SAP

·       Enhance your existing SAP Skill-set

·       Help pass SAP ABAP Certification Exams





1. Introduction to ABAP/4

·       Introduction to ERP

·       Introduction to SAP/3, ABAP/4

·       ABAP Editor

·       System Landscapes

ü  3 – Landscapes

ü  4 – Landscapes

ü  2 – Landscapes

·       Data Types & Keywords

·       Output Statements

·       Arithmetic Operations

·       Relational Operations

·       Writing Small Programs

·       String Operations

ü  Translate

ü  Condense

ü  Concatenate

·       Control Statements

·       Selection Screens

ü  Parameters

ü  Select-Options

·       Open SQL Statements (Insert, Modify, Delete, Update)

·       Simple Reporting


2. Transport Organizer & Package Builder

·       Why to Transport?

·       Creation of a Task

·       What is a Transport Request?

·       Releasing of Request

·       Package Creation


3. Data Dictionary

·       Creation of Database Tables

·       Data Element & Data Domain

·       Structures & Table Types

·       Search Helps

ü  Elementary Search Help

ü  Collective Search Help

·       Creation of Views

ü  Database View

ü  Projection View

ü  Maintenance View

ü  Help View

·       Type Groups

·       Creation of Foreign Keys

·       Check & Value Tables


4. Reporting

·       Debugging Techniques

·       Pillars of ABAP

ü  Work Area

ü  Internal Table

·       Modularization Techniques

ü  Sub-Routines

ü  Includes

ü  Function Modules

·       For All Entries & Joins

·       Events for Classical Reports

·       Events for Interactive Reports

·       Types of Messages & Message Class Creation


5. ABAP List Viewer

Introduction to ABAP List Viewer

Types of ABAP List Viewer

·       Function Module for List Display

·       Function Module for Grid Display

·       Interactive ALV (SLIS)


6. Interfaces

·       Introduction to Cross Applications

·       Working with RFC Function Modules

·       Overview of Business Objects

·       Creation of Business Objects

·       Creation of BAPI


7. Conversion

Why Data Transfer?

·       Introduction to BDC

·       Recording a Transaction

·       Methods in BDC

ü  Call Transaction

ü  Session Method

·       Flat File Creation

·       Uploading Data

·       LSMW (Legacy System Migration Workbench)


8. Enhancements

·       Introduction to Enhancements

·       User Exits

·       Customer Exits

·       Introduction to BAdIs (Business Add Ins)

·       Implementation of a BAdI

·       Overview of Enhancement Spots, Enhancement Sections, Enhancement Implementations, Class Enhancements


9. Forms (Scripts & SMARTFORMS)

·       Introduction to Scripts

·       Layout Sets

·       SAP Scripts Elements

·       Logo Inclusions