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What is Uplatz and How Uplatz works

What is Uplatz?

Uplatz is global leading provider of SAP Training. We have a strong network of qualified and experienced tutors providing training courses on all SAP modules such as SAP FICO, SAP MM, SAP HANA, SAP SuccessFactors, SAP SD, and so on. Besides SAP courses, we provide online training on in-demand technologies such as Big Data, Hadoop, Oracle, Informatica, Python, AngularJS, Wordpress, and more.. in a virtual classroom set-up. We feel proud to say that we are making learning affordable by keeping prices of all our courses very low. No one in the market can beat us in course prices because each of our courses is listed at almost 80% discounted rate from average market price of the same course.

How can I learn here?

You need to get registered on Uplatz as a Learner. Then search for the skills you want to learn or search by the expert name if you already know one and want him/her to further teach you. Approach the desired tutor by sending a message and once the tutor approves you, you two are ready to get involved in the knowledge sharing process.

How and when will I pay?

Once you finalize what you want to learn, you click on “Learn” tab to start the learning process, your tutor will then get your request, once the tutor approves your request, you will then be requested to pay on Uplatz via our safe transaction process using your credit or debit card. After you have paid, the amount remains with Uplatz until you complete the learning process with your tutor. Once the tutor has taught you the desired skills the fees will be transferred to the tutor.

How can I teach here?

If you possess skills, have an experience in a particular field then you qualify to be a tutor on Uplatz. Get registered, update your profile and post your skills or abilities that you have. Interested skill seekers will approach you and once you have taught them, you get paid for the same. Simple as that!

How can I earn here?

Post your skills on Uplatz and once approved by us it will be live on Uplatz, Give as much as details on post a skill form, mention what learner will get out of this course, let them know why they should learn from you like any awards and recognition you have achieved, list your experiences etc. To earn more you can even schedule a group class or event via Google hangout, Skype (we are working hard to provide you a audio and video calling feature on Uplatz). Once you teach learners we will transfer the fees paid by learner to you.

Why should I choose Uplatz?

There are 3 simple reasons of choosing Uplatz --> 1) Our elite tutors are highly experienced and experts in their fields. 2) No one in the market can dare to beat our price! It is only 20% of the standard institute price for the same course (Reason - Because these courses are offered directly by the tutors). 3) We are a team of IITians - we will design the course structure for you as per your requirements.

How Uplatz course prices compare with market?

There is no comparison! It's just 20% of the standard institute price for the same course. Be assured, Quality is our top priority. We will refund you the full amount if we don't deliver quality!

Will I get a Certificate of Course Completion?

Yes. Every learner who successfully completes a course on Uplatz is awarded the Course Completion Certificate.

Where is Uplatz located?

We have offices in UK, US, India. Our office addresses and contact details can be found on our smart website uplatz.com

Will I be provided study material, tutor notes and video recordings?

Ofcourse! All sessions conducted through Uplatz get recorded and life-time access to the recordings is provided to you. Besides that, Uplatz also provides tutor notes, practice assignments, practice sessions, and a lot more for free. Our tutors will assist you in preparing for certification exams as well.

How can I get discounts in skill learning prices?

The skill learning on Uplatz is way cheaper and reasonable than the others, however if you still want to avail discounts on the listed skill prices, you can have it by referring others to Uplatz. For each referral that you get to here, you get a discounted price to learn. Your referral also gets discounts on the first use.

What if I don’t get my problem solved here? What if I didn’t get the skills that were taught to me?

In case you are unsatisfied with the tutoring or don’t get your problem solved, we will moderate the situation. We will help you get your concepts clear/learn the desired skills. You can keep the fees in the Uplatz vaults and try learning from other tutors or you can get your cash back after nominal administrative fees deduction.

What U-points can be used for?

U-points earned on Uplatz can be used to avail discounts in learning new skills, redeem various exciting offers or can be monetized simply.

How do you ensure that I get paid after I teach my learner? What if the learner doesn’t pay me?

We bring into use the escrow system, wherein the learner keeps the fee on Uplatz before the skill sharing takes place. After the skills have been taught, the learner releases the payment from Uplatz safe vault. Your fee stays safe with the Uplatz and in case the learner isn’t satisfied with your teaching, we do the moderation and sort out the matter reasonably.

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