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SAP CRM / SAP Customer Relationship Management




The SAP CRM application is an integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software developed by SAP SE that targets business software requirements of midsize and large organizations in all industries and sectors.


What Will Students Learn?

  • The terms and benefits of CRM on a company’s bottom line
  • Analyze the different components of a CRM plan
  • Develop a checklist for readiness and success in CRM
  • Describe how CRM creates value for organizations and customers
  • Consider developmental roles that have the greatest impact on CRM


Course Prerequisites, Required Knowledge

• Fundamental knowledge on IT

• Fundamental Knowledge on required Functional Area.



What is the target audience?

Individuals who want an understanding of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and its benefits.


Solution Overview (Introduction):

·       Overview of SAP ERP and SAP CRM

·       Introduction to SAP CRM

·       Overview of CRM 2007 Architecture

·       Channel of CRM

·       CRM Application

·       Role in my SAP CRM


SAP CRM Web User Interface (WEB UI)

·       Architecture of WEB UI

·       UI Concept & UI Component Concept

·       Navigation Bar & Business Roles

·       UI Configuration

·       Personalization

·       Additional Features in Web UI


( CR100)-- Base Customization/Master Data (SAP CRM7.0 & SAP ECC 6.0)


·       CRM Business Partner (BP)

ü  Creation of BP on Category

ü  Basic setting on Field grouping & No ranges

ü  BP Relationships

ü  BP Roles

ü  Mapping BP Classification & Account Group from R3 CRM


·       Organizational Management

ü  Fundamentals of SAP CRM Org Structure

ü  Organizational Data determination

ü  Mapping Org Model & Enterprise Structure from R3 CRM


·       Territory Management

ü  Hierarchy Levels, Hierarchy ID

ü  Assign employee to Hierarchy


·       Product Master

ü  CRM Product Types

ü  Creation of Hierarchies & Categories

ü  Creation of Attributes & Set Types

ü  Mapping Product Master & Material Master from R3 CRM



·       Transaction Processing

ü  Transaction Processing for Enquiry, Quotation & Order

ü  Customization of Transaction Types

ü  Assignment of Item Category Determination

ü  Mapping Transaction Types & Sales doc Processing from R3 CRM


·       Activity Management

ü  Business Activity / Task

ü  Activity Monitor


·       Partner Processing

ü  Partner determination Procedure


·       Action Profile


·       Pricing Fundamental (SAP CRM)

ü  Configuration setting for Pricing Procedure

ü  Pricing fundamentals (ECC 6.0)

ü  Condition technique and pricing procedure determination (ECC 6.0)


·       CRM Billing

ü  CRM Billing Fundamental (ECC 6.0)




·       Introduction to Sales architecture

·       The Sales cycle Process flow

·       Opportunity Management

·       Process flow of Quotation and Order Management

·       Configuration of Quotation and Order Management

·       Special Functions in Quotation and Order Management

·       Product determination/Material determination

·       Product Listing/Exclusion

·       Free goods pricing Procedure

·       Copying Controls