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SAP CRM / SAP Customer Relationship Management

Solution Overview (Introduction)

·       Overview of SAP ERP and SAP CRM

·       Introduction to SAP CRM

·       Overview of CRM 2007 Architecture

·       Channel of CRM

·       CRM Application

·       Role in my SAP CRM


SAP CRM Web User Interface (WEB UI)

·       Architecture of WEB UI

·       UI Concept & UI Component Concept

·       Navigation Bar & Business Roles

·       UI Configuration

·       Personalization

·       Additional Features in Web UI


(CR100)-- Base Customization/Master Data (SAP CRM7.0 & SAP ECC 6.0)


·       CRM Business Partner (BP)

ü  Creation of BP on Category

ü  Basic setting on Field grouping & No ranges

ü  BP Relationships

ü  BP Roles

ü  Mapping BP Classification & Account Group from R3 CRM


·       Organizational Management

ü  Fundamentals of SAP CRM Org Structure

ü  Organizational Data determination

ü  Mapping Org Model & Enterprise Structure from R3 CRM


·       Territory Management

ü  Hierarchy Levels, Hierarchy ID

ü  Assign employee to Hierarchy


·       Product Master

ü  CRM Product Types

ü  Creation of Hierarchies & Categories

ü  Creation of Attributes & Set Types

ü  Mapping Product Master & Material Master from R3 CRM



·       Transaction Processing

ü  Transaction Processing for Enquiry, Quotation & Order

ü  Customization of Transaction Types

ü  Assignment of Item Category Determination

ü  Mapping Transaction Types & Sales doc Processing from R3 CRM


·       Activity Management

ü  Business Activity / Task

ü  Activity Monitor


·       Partner Processing

ü  Partner determination Procedure


·       Action Profile


·       Pricing Fundamental (SAP CRM)

ü  Configuration setting for Pricing Procedure

ü  Pricing fundamentals (ECC 6.0)

ü  Condition technique and pricing procedure determination (ECC 6.0)


·       CRM Billing

ü  CRM Billing Fundamental (ECC 6.0)




·       Introduction to Sales architecture

·       The Sales cycle Process flow

·       Opportunity Management

·       Process flow of Quotation and Order Management

·       Configuration of Quotation and Order Management

·       Special Functions in Quotation and Order Management

·       Product determination/Material determination

·       Product Listing/Exclusion

·       Free goods pricing Procedure

·       Copying Controls