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SAP HANA or High Performance Analytic Appliance is an In-Memory computing combines with a revolutionary platform to perform real time analytics and deploying and developing real time applications. It is also combined with pre tuned server, networking hardware and storage.

HANA includes In-Memory Database to store the data and analyze larger volumes of transactional data in real time, an embedded web server and a control repository for application development. Some of the real time cases and uses of SAP HANA include

• Telecom Networks Monitoring and Optimization

• Fraud Detection and Security

• Forecast and Profitability Reports

• Retail and Supply Chain Optimization

• Energy Usage Monitoring and Optimization

Pre-Requisites to Learn SAP HANA:

• A basic knowledge and understanding of database & SQL

• Fair perceptive on IT environment


• SAP HANA basics,features,architecture and terminology involved

• Work on HANA Studio Modelers and gain expertise in modeling

• Master SAP HANA Interface, client and connectivity

• SAP HANA administration activities like managing users, storage and security

• Master System Replication, data provisioning and ABAP Data flow

• Configuring, reporting, monitoring & dashboard creation using SAP HANA

• Work on real time and complex HANA projects

• Writing SAP HANA queries and performance tuning

• Ability to pass SAP HANA Certification

Who should take this course?

• SAP Development & BI consultants, Data warehouse professionals

• Data analytics professionals, Database Architects, Project Managers



Course Contents:


SAP HANA Introduction and Architecture

• SAP HANA Overview

• SAP In-Memory Computing Overview

• SAP HANA Features

• Look and Feel of SAP HANA

• SAP HANA Architecture

• SAP HANA Landscape

• Structure of SAP in-memory computing studio

• Row Store and Column Store Architecture

• Multi Version Concurrency Control (MVCC)

• Persistence Layer in In-memory Computing Engine

• Back-up & Recovery

• High-Availability

• Distributed System

• Data Provisioning Options in SAP HANA

• Reporting Options on SAP HANA

• Security Options in HANA

• SAP HANA Appliance Model

• How SAP HANA Appliance is delivered

• • Sizing Considerations

• SAP HANA – Licensing Options

• SAP HANA Project Implementation

• Overview: Key Activities

• Key Roles

• Key points to keep in mind

• Administration

• Modeling


Basic Modeling

• Modeling Overview

• Terminology

• SAP HANA Studio Features

• Information Modeler: Overview

• Installation and Configuration of HANA Studio

• Prerequisites for Modeling

• Modeling Considerations

• Levels of Modeling

• Attribute Views

• Analytic Views

• Calculation Views

• Modeling Considerations

• Joins: Different types and when to use what.

• Where Clause Vs Constraint Filters

• HANA Studio Preview (use with caution)

• Impact of Query Execution

• Demo

• Modeling Suggestions

• Troubleshooting Modeling Issues

• Export and Import Models


Analytics Option on HANA

• HANA, Reporting Layer & Connectivity Options

• Reporting on HANA Clients.

• Reporting on HANA Open Interfaces

• Prerequisites for reporting on SAP HANA

• IMDB client installation

• Setting up new connection

• SAP Business Objects BI 4.0 : Overview & tool comparison

• Analytical Reporting on HANA

• Relational Reporting on HANA

• Reporting on HANA: (Demo Included)

• Native Excel Interface via ODBO

• SAP Business Object Analysis (Office Edition)

• SAP Business Object Explorer

• Semantic Layer Approach

• IDT Vs Universe Designer


• SAP BOBJ Xcelsius

• SAP Crystal Reports

• Enterprise Vs 2011

• Front end tool reporting considerations on top of HANA

• Troubleshooting common reporting issues


Advanced Data Modeling with SQL Script

• Modeling Overview

• Calculation View: Overview & Types

• SQL Script: Motivation

• SQL Script: Overview

• SQL Script Processing

• Data Type Extensions

• Scalar Data type

• Table type

• Functional Extension

• Concept

• Procedure

• Procedure Calls

• Implementing Functional logic

• Operators

• SQL Script/Built in Function

• Debugging and troubleshooting SQL Script

• Restrictions for SQL Statemen


Data Provisioning: Data Services and Sybase Replication

• Data Provisioning: Overview

• Data Provision Options

• Trigger Based Replication

• ETL-Based Replication

• Log-Based Replication

• SAP Business Objects Data Services 4.0 and HANA

• ODP enabled Extractor Support in Data Services 4.0

• HANA and Data Service Process flow for SAP and non-SAP data

• How it works for SAP System

• How it works for Non-SAP System

• Advanced Data Service Options

• column tables creation

• Bulk Loader Options & Config

• bulk extracting Options & Config

• Log Based Replication Overview

• Technical System Landscape

• User Administration

• Authorization

• Installing Log Based Replication

• Updating the SAP Host Agent on Source System

• Installing Sybase Components

• Deploying the SAP HANA Load Controller and Related Components

• Configuring Log Based Replication

• Configuring Sybase Components

• Sybase Replication Server

• Enterprise Connect Data Access (ECDA)

• Sybase Replication Agent

• Test Sybase Components

• Configure SAP HANA Load Controller on SAP HANA System

• Initializing Replication using SAP HANA Load Controller



• Data Provisioning Overview

• SAP Landscape Transformation Set-up

• Options for SLT Landscape Installation

• Post Installation Step

• Concept of SLT Replication

• Architecture and Key Building Block

• Technical Requirement and System Set-up Information for LT Replication Server

• Key Benefits of LT Replicating Server

• Transformational Capabilities• Operations


Security and User Management in HANA

• Creation of Users

• Creation of Roles

• Assignment Privileges to Roles

• Assignment of Users to roles




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