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SAP TRM / SAP Treasury and Risk Management


·       Business partners and standing instructions

·       Banks/House banks

·       Transaction Manager: instruments available within Money Market, Foreign Exchange, Derivatives and Securities

·       Structure of the financial instruments product types, business types and transaction types

·       Process for front and back office

·       Integration to Financial Accounting, payment program and Cash Management

·       Parallel accounting in Treasury (multiple GAAPs)

·       Market Risk Analyser with analysis, value at risk and result database

·       Credit Risk Analyser with exposure calculation and limit management

·       Reporting in Treasury

·       Master data maintenance: organisation elements, business partner, product, account and account hierarchies, conditions, limits

·       Account maintenance and payment transactions

·       Process automation in In-House Cash

·       Account maintenance

·       Process automation of internal payment transactions

·       Process automation of external payment transactions

·       Central cash receipt

·       Cross-bank area posting

·       Payment items / payment orders

·       Creating bank statements

·       Periodic tasks

·       The concept of Cash Accounting

·       Tasks of Cash Accounting and Liquidity Planning

·       Recipients and Need for Information

·       Classification of SAP Liquidity Planner in FSCM

·       Actual Calculation (ECC part of SAP Liquidity Planner)

·       Planning (Planning part of SAP Liquidity Planner)

·       Difference to SAP Cash Management

·       Liquidity Analysis Using SAP Actual Calculation

·       Analysis Reports

·       Modelling of SAP Liquidity Planner

·       Planning Layout

·       Extraction of data

·       Reporting