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Accounts Receivable | SAP FICO

This SAP Accounts Receivable tutorial by Uplatz explains the process of Accounts Receivable in SAP FICO module.

Accounts Receivable is one of the main sub-modules of SAP FI and is used to manage and record accounting data for all the customers. SAP Accounts Receivable handles customer invoices, approvals, payments and other allied activities. Any postings made in Accounts Receivable are updated in General Ledger G/L.

Learn how to enter and review various kinds of AR invoices in SAP, taking a deep dive into both non-sales order and sales older invoices. Explore basic AR reporting in SAP, including how to display customer balances and line items and access an AR open item age analysis report. Also learn how to enter manual cash receipts in SAP and approach lockbox electronic file processing.

Create/maintain customer master records
FD01 - Create customer master records
FD02 - Change customer master records
FD02 - Maintain accounting notes
FD03 - Display customer master records
FD05 - Block/unblock customer master from further services/charges/payments
FD06 - Mark customer master records for deletion
ZFBL5N - Maintain master records from line items
Create/maintain/adjust customer invoices
F-22 - Enter customer invoice
ZAR3 - Feed departmental invoices into SAP
ZFBL5N - Display invoice line items
F-22 - Transfer customer debit/credit
ZFBL5N - Change line items
FB08 - Reverse A/R document
F-27 - Enter credit memo
F-32 - Clear customer account (with or without residual items)
FB07 - Maintain invoice control totals
SA38 - Run line item journal
FD02 or FD03 - Maintain line items from master records
ZAR4 - Create telephone invoices from order number 1078200
    - ZAR5 - Maintain telephone invoice table
    - SM30; ZARTINVLOG - View telephone invoice log

Find/collect overdue (& credit) balances
ZAR2 - Run aging report by dunning area
FD02 - Maintain accounting notes
xxxxx - Run credit balance report
F-22 - Issue customer refund

Generate reports
ZAR1 - Print replacement billing statements
ZAR2 - Run aging report by dunning area
F150 - Print dunning letters
  - FD02 - Block/unblock dunning of customers by dunning area
  - ZFBL5N - Block/unblock dunning of line items
  - F150 - Print list of blocked accounts
  - F150 - Print list of blocked line items
  - SM30 - Maintain table of dunning area responsible persons
  - SM30 - Maintain table of dunning letter names and phone numbers
SART - Run customer activity report
ZAS1 - Report Errors in Dunning Procedure and Dunning Area
ZAS2 - Find customers with open items and zero balance
xxxxx - Run credit balance report
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