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Data Model Editor | Oracle BI Publisher


An overview for Creating a Data Model using Oracle BI Publisher. Watch our video for more information.

The Data Model Editor is designed with a component pane on the left and work pane on the right. Selecting a component on the left pane launches the appropriate fields for the component in the work.

Data Model Properties:

Description:  Description about the Data Model.

Default Data Source: Select the data source from the list. Data models can include multiple data sets from one or more data sources.
Database Fetch Size: Sets the number of rows fetched at a time through the JDBC connection.

Enable Scalable Mode: processing large data sets requires the use of large amounts of RAM. To prevent running out of memory, activate scalable mode for the data engine. In scalable mode, the data engine takes advantage of disk space when it processes the data.

Backup Data Source: If you have set up a backup database for this data source, select Enable Backup Connection to enable the option; then select when you want BI Publisher to use the backup.

XML Output Options

These options define characteristics of the XML data structure. Note that any changes to these options can impact layouts that are built on the data model.


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