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Font and Alignment | Microsoft Excel

Through this MS Excel video tutorial by Uplatz, learn and apply the different font and alignment options in Microsoft Excel. 
There are many types of formatting that can be applied to Microsoft Excel worksheets. The most commonly used formatting commands show up on the Home tab in three groups:

·       The Font Group. The font group commands change the appearance of text within a cell or of the cell itself.
·       The Alignment Group. The alignment group commands change the position of text within a cell or cells.
·       The Number Group. The number group commands change the format of numbers and dates within a cell.


Formatting changes can be applied to a whole worksheet, a range of cells within a worksheet, individual cells, and sometimes even text within a cell.

Using the (Format > Cells) dialog box

Shows how the selected font will appear, formatted with the options you have designated.

Font - Select a font name to change the font of the selected text. Select the options you want on the Font tab to change the appearance of the selected text.

Font Style - Change the font style of the selected text.

Size - Enter the font size for the selected text. You can type any number between 1 and 1638.

The sizes in the Size list depend on the selected font and active printer.

Underline - Select an underline type to format the selected text with an underline.

Color - Select a color from the list to change the color of the selected text or object.

If you select "Automatic" the colour will always be black ?

Normal font - You can change the text back to the default at any time.

Strikethrough - Draws a line through the selected text.

Superscript - Formats the selected text or numbers as superscript.

Subscript - Formats the selected text or numbers as subscript.

Using the Formatting toolbar

Align Left - Aligns data to the left of the cell.

Centre - Aligns data in the middle of the cell.

Align Right - Aligns data to the right of the cell.

Increase Indent - Increases the indent by 1.

Decrease Indent - Decreases the indent by 1 or removes the indent completely.


Merge and Centre - Combines 2 or more adjacent cells to create a single cell.

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