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Overview of SAP WM (Warehouse Management)

This SAP WM Training video by Uplatz is intended for professionals who want to make their career in warehouse management. 

SAP WM module, as the name suggests, takes care of Warehouse Management functionality. Using WM, warehouses can be managed efficiently at Bin location level. WM module of SAP R/3 provides flexible, efficient, automated support that enables you to manage complex warehouse structures, define and manage storage areas and storage bins in the warehouse, manage several different types of storage, such as high rack storage, block storage or fixed bin storage, process all relevant postings and transactions such as goods receipts, goods issues and general stock transfers, monitor stock movements, execute stock placements and removals using different put-away and picking strategies, process stock differences and many functions/processes related to warehouse management.

SAP WM offers multiple options to meet the current warehouse management needs of large corporations. All the modes of the SAP WM software such as lean WM, extended WM, decentralized WM or standard WM have their effectiveness and scope of performance. SAP WM can meet the umbrella requirements of a warehouse system such as fixed storage, random-bin storage, processing of goods movement, goods receipt, and goods issuance activities. Service and manufacturing both types of businesses need SAP WM.SAP WM is one of the most demanding certification for the professionals, project managers, and warehouse managers. 

SAP WM was predominantly designed to support simple warehouse operations with basic warehouse processes and incorporates the following five main functions:

·       Inventory Management at storage-bin level
·       Mapping and control of all goods movements (receipts and issues)
·       Monitoring of the processing of any goods movements
·       Connection to mobile data entry as part of the integrated radio frequency (RF) solution
·       Connection to specialist external systems (such as automation systems)

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