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Preventive Maintenance and Task Lists | SAP PM

This tutorial by Uplatz explains the concept of Preventive Maintenance in SAP PM module.
Preventive Maintenance in an organization is used to avoid system breakdown and production breakdown. Using Preventive Maintenance, you can achieve various benefits in your organization. It used to perform inspections, preventive maintenance and repairs. Maintenance plans are used to define dates and the extent of preventive and inspection maintenance tasks which can be planned for technical objects.
Ensuring a high availability of objects in the long term is one of the most important tasks of SAP Plant Maintenance.

Preventive maintenance is a suitable instrument for avoiding system breakdowns or the breakdown of other objects, which in addition to the repair costs, often create much higher costs through the resultant breakdown in production. You can use preventive maintenance to describe dates and the scope of maintenance and inspection tasks that can be planned on objects, to define the cycles for scheduling tasks based on time or performance, and to synchronize dates for several maintenance tasks on different objects.
Further reasons for preventive maintenance can include:
-- Legal regulations
-- Environmental requirements
-- De facto regulations from customers
-- Quality assurance of products manufactured at a technical system
The activities that are performed in Preventive Maintenance are stored in the form of task lists. You can define the extent and inspection work, and when the preventive maintenance should be performed with details of the functional location or pieces of equipment. You also define the cost-based assignment of Preventive maintenance task lists. Task list in Preventive Maintenance is defined as the sequence of activities that are performed as part of Preventive Maintenance in an organization. They are used to perform the repeated tasks as part of Preventive Maintenance and to perform them efficiently.
Planning and implementation of periodic maintenance tasks on technical systems is the main function performed under SAP PM preventive maintenance.

Following are the key functions of task lists in SAP Plant Maintenance:
-- Planned Maintenance
-- Ongoing Maintenance

Maintenance planning in SAP PM is used to avoid any equipment breakdown or production breakdown. It is used to represent inspection, preventive maintenance and repairs for which you plan time and scope of work in advance. By performing effective maintenance planning, you can remove the breakdowns, which can result in environmental hazards.
Maintenance planning component is integrated with different components of other modules and subcomponents in Plant Maintenance:
-- Maintenance task lists
-- Maintenance orders
-- Maintenance notifications
-- Work clearance management

There are various components of Maintenance Planning that integrate with other modules such as Quality Planning and Material Management.
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