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Python Programming Bootcamp - Oct 2020


This is a 2-hours bootcamp organized by Uplatz on 24th Oct 2020 to introduce you to the world of Python programming. If you are a beginner or a newbie having no idea of what is Python and how to enter the world of Data Science, Machine Learning, and Data Analytics, then this session will be a perfect choice for you to get started.

The agenda of the session includes:

  1. Introduction to Python programming language
  2. Benefits of learning Python
  3. Career prospects after learning Python mainly how to enter the growing league of data scientists, machine learning engineers, data consultants, data analysts, app developers.
  4. Understand the step-by-step journey of a Python programmer/developer
  5. A brief history of Python
  6. Python programming on the ground - a lot of practical scenarios will be coded using Python
  7. Understand the next steps i.e. what after this bootcamp?
  8. Summary and conclusion
  9. Q&A session
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