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Routing | SAP MM


This SAP MM tutorial by Uplatz provides an overview of Routing mechanism in SAP Materials Management.

Routing is a set of operations in that material will undergo during the entire production process. During this process you will get to know what order or activities/operations needs to be carried out at work centers or machines.

A routing is a description of which operations or list of activities has to be carried out during the production and planning process.

It also tells what order or sequence the activities/operations needs to be carried out at work centers or machines.

  • There may be several alternative routings for a product. For example, product can be manufactured on 2 manually operated machines (drilling and grinding) and simultaneously manufactured on 1 automatic machine (which has both drilling and grinding functions).In this case, Material has 2 alternative routings viz, automatic machine and manual operated machine.
  • Multiple materials can follow same routing group which means a group of materials can have single routing.
  • Routing is used in Production for schedulingand costing of operations for finished and semi-finished materials.
  • Routing's are also used in standard cost calculation for finished Product by calculating operational cost of finished product.
  • Before creating the routing, it is mandatory that Work Centre should be available in the system.
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