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SAP PM Training & Certification

Understand and learn the concepts of SAP PM and apply them as practical implementation in an industry. This video tutorial will help you take the first step towards becoming SAP PM Consultant.

SAP PM (Plant Maintenance) is a functional module that handles the maintaining of equipments and Enables efficient planning of production and generation schedules and provides interfaces to process control and SCADA systems.The R/3 Plant Maintenance (PM) application component provides you with a comprehensive software solution for all maintenance activities that are performed within a company. Supports cost-efficient maintenance methods, such as risk-based maintenance or preventive maintenance, and provides comprehensive outage planning and powerful work order management.
Here is the list of complete sub modules (application components) coming under SAP PM module:
PM-AV (Asset Viewer)
PM-EQM (Technical Objects)
PM-EQM-BM (Bills of Material (Plant Maintenance))
PM-EQM-CC (Configuration Control)
PM-EQM-EQ (Equipment)
PM-EQM-FL (Functional Locations)
PM-EQM-LE (List Editing)
PM-EQM-ON (Object Networking)
PM-EQM-SF (Additional Functions)
PM-EQM-SF-EM (Emissions Management Integration)
PM-EQM-SF-MPC (Measuring Points and Counters)
PM-EQM-SF-PMT (Permits)
PM-EQM-SF-WA (Warranties)
PM-EQM-THO (Takeover/Handover of Technical Objects)
PM-ES (Enterprise Services in Plant Maintenance)
PM-IS (Information System)
PM-IS-DC (Data Collection)
PM-IS-EWS (Early Warning System)
PM-IS-LIS (Interface to Logistics Information Library (LIL))
PM-IS-PLN (Planning)
PM-IS-REP (Standard Analyses)
PM-IS-REP (Reporting)
PM-PRM (Preventive Maintenance)
PM-PRM-MP (Maintenance Plans)
PM-PRM-TL (Maintenance Task Lists)
PM-PRO (Maintenance Projects)
PM-PRO-NW (Networks (Plant Maintenance))
PM-PRO-OM (Project Management (Plant Maintenance))
PM-PRO-ST (Project Structure (Plant Maintenance))
PM-PRO-WS (Revision Planning)
PM-SMA (Service Management)
PM-SMA-SC (Call Management)
PM-WCM (Work Clearance Management)
PM-WCM-ADB (Adobe Forms)
PM-WCM-ADB-PRN (Print Form)
PM-WCM-MD (Master Data)
PM-WCM-OC (Operational Cycle)
PM-WCM-PE (Approval Enhancements)
PM-WOC (Maintenance Processing)
PM-WOC-CP (Capacity and Resource Planning)
PM-WOC-JC (Completion Confirmations)
PM-WOC-LE (List Editing)
PM-WOC-MH (Maintenance History)
PM-WOC-MN (Maintenance Notifications)
PM-WOC-MN-PAM (Pool Asset Management)
PM-WOC-MO (Maintenance Orders)
PM-WOC-MO-ACC (Controlling (Budgeting,Order Costs))
PM-WOC-MO-ARC (Archiving)
PM-WOC-MO-CUM (Compatible Units)
PM-WOC-MO-CUM (Compatible Units Management)
PM-WOC-MO-MAT (Stock Material, Bills of Material, Availability Check)
PM-WOC-MO-OCI (Catalog Integration)
PM-WOC-MO-OLC (Operation Level Costing)
PM-WOC-MO-PRI (Print, Fax, Paging)
PM-WOC-MO-PUR (Purchasing (External Processing, Preq, Services))
PM-WOC-MO-SCH (Scheduling, Relationships)
PM-WOC-MO-TSK (Task Lists, General Task Lists)
PM-WOC-RO (Refurbishment Order)
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