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Triggers, Alerts, Editors | Oracle Forms

This Oracle Forms tutorial by Uplatz provides comprehensive knowledge of Triggers, Alerts, Editors.

Triggers are blocks of PL/SQL code that are written to perform tasks when a specific event occurs within an application. In effect, an Oracle Forms trigger is an event-handler written in PL/SQL to augment (or occasionally replace) the default processing behavior. A trigger encapsulates PL/SQL code so that it can be associated with an event and executed and maintained as a distinct object.

Different types of triggers in Oracle Forms are: Block Processing Triggers, Interface Event Triggers, Master/Detail Triggers, Message-Handling Triggers, Validation Triggers, Navigational Triggers, Transactional Triggers, Query-Time Triggers.

Uses of Oracle Forms alerts are:
·       Used to display messages programmatically
·       Message will be displayed in a window
·       Supports to provide action based on button selected in message box
·       It will deactivate other application screens

An alert is a modal window that displays a message notifying the operator of some application condition.
Use alerts to advise operators of unusual situations or to warn operators who are about to perform an action that might have undesirable or unexpected consequences.
Oracle Forms has many Built-in alerts that display pre-defined messages. You can also create your own custom alerts that display in response to application-specific events.
When an event occurs that causes an alert to display, the operator must respond to the alert's message by selecting one of the predefined alert buttons.

Different types of Editors in Oracle Forms are:
1) The PL/SQL Editor
2) The Layout Editor

The PL/SQL Editor is where you enter and compile code objects. Code objects in Oracle Forms include event triggers, subprograms (functions and procedures), menu item commands, menu startup code, and packages.
The Layout Editor is a graphical design facility for creating and arranging interface items and boilerplate text and graphics in a form.To view the layout of a canvas, open the Layout Editor window by selecting Tools→Layout Editor.
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