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Warehouse Process | SAP WM

Understand the warehouse processes and their management in this SAP WM tutorial by Uplatz.
This tutorial is part of SAP WM (Warehouse Management) training program. 
SAP WM provides the following key benefits: 
1) Faster Inventory Processes: SAP WM employs barcode scanners that can drastically improve inventory management processes. As your inventory processes speed up, employees will have additional time to focus on more important tasks.
2) Accurate Goods Tracking: This software solution monitors all goods as they move in, out or within the warehouse. Up-to-date stock amounts help prevent errors that could lead to insufficient product and shortens pick and pack time.
3) Warehouse Automation: SAP WM automates several time-intensive processes that could fall victim to human error. As accuracy increases throughout the warehouse, costs are cut, and extra time can be made available for higher-level decision making.
4) Better Organization: Defined storage bins for products keep a warehouse from becoming disorganized and prone to errors. Moving pallets containing a variety of stock becomes much easier when everything has a pre-set location.
5) Customize to Fit Your Operation: SAP WM allows users to customize its functions in order to better suit their individual requirements. Complex operations can make use of the entire array of functions while smaller warehouses can pick and choose what they need to operate successfully.
6) Reduce Warehousing Costs: SAP helps you get the most out of your warehousing space, time and the employees.
7) Increased Visibility: Always know where stock is located, how labour is assigned and how automation tools are performing.
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