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An Introduction to BIM and Digital Transformation

30 Hours
Online Instructor-led Training
USD 1399 (USD 2800)
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An Introduction to BIM and Digital Transformation course and certification
37 Learners

About this Course
An Introduction to BIM and Digital Transformation.

This unique expert-led course has been developed by Uplatz to give you an introduction to BIM (Building Information Modelling) and the digital transformation of the built environment industry.

The building and construction industry is experiencing an extraordinary rate of digital transformation. Digital technologies have rapidly transformed construction sites. Construction professionals can now have real-time intelligence about quality and quantity of progress derived from information captured by sensors, such as cameras and laser scanners, as compared to the 3D model of the intended result. We are eliminating waste in the field by ensuring that each crew has exactly the right information, materials and equipment required for the task on a lean, just-in-time basis.

This digital transformation has enabled a renewed focus in the industry on what’s most important – high quality work, safely done. Due in part to these technologies, we are becoming better professionals, bringing more value to our customers: “on time and within budget” is table stakes. This new focus on quality and safety, though, doesn’t come alone. One of the main benefits that comes with it is improved productivity. When crews can first understand design in the office and bring them to life in construction in the field, we see productivity go up. No more repeated back and forth between the plans and what is actually taking place on site. With digital designs that can be referenced right there on site, crews experience productivity gains and stay on track and budget. At scale, this productivity leads to incredible gains – according to the World Economic Forum report Shaping the Future of Construction – A Landscape in Transformation: An Introduction, a 1 percent decrease in global construction costs would save society $100 billion globally.

BIM is not just a 3D model; it is a way of working using the combined efforts of the key enablers – process, people and technology. This eLearning course will give you the skills and knowledge to understand how these components work together and your role in the implementation of best practice BIM.


There is no one size fits all when it comes to BIM and we recognise that. That’s why Uplatz will spend time helping you to understand what BIM actually is and what it means specifically for you and your business. You will be given the opportunity to measure your knowledge of BIM. The course comprises of a number of modules with tests of understanding intermittently throughout.

During the BIM and Digital Transformation course you will be briefly looking at the history of BIM as well as helping you to understand current developments and future trends to make BIM work in your business. John will also help you to start developing your own BIM implementation plan for your business or organisation whilst providing you with some free online resources to help you along the way.

This modular based online training course will provide you with the awareness and knowledge required for the implementation of a BIM procurement strategy.


An Introduction to BIM and Digital Transformation

Course Details & Curriculum

Module 1:

·       A definition of BIM and some clarity around the terminology
·       The benefits of BIM seen at different stages of a project
·       The importance of BIM to the construction industry

Module 2:

·       The definition of BIM levels
·       The governing documents behind BIM level 2
·       What to expect beyond the level 2 mandate

Module 3:

·       Your role in delivering BIM
·       Learn how to go about implementing BIM in your organisation/ project


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