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Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI (70-778)

30 Hours
Online Instructor-led Training
USD 1399 (USD 2800)
Save 50% Offer ends on 30-Jun-2024
Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI (70-778) course and certification
69 Learners

About this Course
Analyzing data with Power BI Certification will help you to visualize and connect any data using the unified, scalable platform for self-service which will help you gain deeper data insights which in turn will bridge the gap between data and decision-making processes. Professionals who require to create data models and reports and share within stakeholders to scrutinize and visualize real-time data to have greater insight into their operations and performance can do wonders with the Power BI.

In order to make sense out of abundant data available to us in our business which needs more reporting power and analysis than that offered by Microsoft Excel, Power BI is a cutting edge business intelligence tool. In today’s modern business, data is a lifeline and with modern tools, we are generating more of it than ever.

This tool will help users to understand the data from the past, what is happening in the present, and also provide useful insights for the future which will help businesses to make informed predictions and what-if scenarios by spotting the data patterns through its machine learning capabilities. It will help you create important forecasts to keep pace with customer needs and future demands keeping other matrices with changing market conditions.

Power BI training by Uplatz will help you assort this data from a number of cloud-based & on-premises applications and services that help any organization manage, correlate, and analyze data from a variety of sources through an extremely user-friendly interface.


Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI (70-778)

Course Details & Curriculum

Introduction to Power BI

·       Basic Data Importing
·       Importing Data from other Sources
·       CSV, Word, Enter Data Directly
·       Importing from Websites, SQL Servers
·       Entering Data Directly
·       Importing from SQL Servers


Working with Tables

·       Removing Totals
·       Sorting Columns
·       Re-ordering Columns
·       Re-sizing Columns
·       Formatting Columns
·       Aggregating Data



·       Multiple Rows or Column Options – Drill Down
·       Text, Images and Shapes
·       Adding a Shape
·       Adding Text Boxes
·       Adding Images
·       Working with Visualizations – Charts
·       Types of Chart
·       Parts of a Chart
·       Creating a Chart
·       Pie & Donut Charts
·       Formatting Charts
·       Column & Bar Charts
·       Tree Maps
·       Funnel Charts
·       Line Charts
·       Area Charts
·       Combined Charts
·       Waterfall Charts
·       Scatter / Bubble Charts
·       Gauges
·       Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
·       Cards
·       Custom Visuals
·       Download a Custom Visual
·       Delete a Custom Visual from the Visualizations Menu

Querying Data

·       Opening the Query Editor
·       The Query Editor
·       Applying Queries
·       Renaming Columns
·       Naming Applied Changes
·       Undoing Applied Steps
·       Sorting Rows
·       Adding an Index Column
·       Filtering Rows
·       Splitting Columns by Numbers of Characters
·       Splitting Columns by Delimiters
·       Deleting Columns
·       Replacing Text Columns
·       Adding a Column Using a Formula
·       Adding a Column Using Column by Example
·       Other Column by Example Functions
·       Saving the Changes Made in the Query Editor
·       Adding Conditional Columns
·       Relationships
·       Viewing Data Relationships
·       Creating Relationships



·       Adding and Using Slicers
·       Formatting Slicers
·       Searching Slicers
·       Cascading Slicers
·       Horizontal Slicers
·       Date Slicers [Timelines]



·       Hierarchies
·       Drilling Down
·       Creating Columns



·       Creating Measures



·       Changing Filter Context
·       The Calculate Function


DAX Language

·       Introduction to DAX and its Syntax
·       Calculated Columns
·       Examples of using DAX (Easy, Medium, Hard)


Data Refresh

·       Connect to On Premise
·       Gateways Installing and Configuration of Gateways


Publishing Data

·       Power BI Files (PBIX) and the Power BI Service
·       Publish to Web Feature


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