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Oracle Database Cloud Administration

30 Hours
Online Instructor-led Training
GBP 2000
Oracle Database Cloud Administration course and certification
12 Learners

About this Course

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Oracle Database Cloud Administration

Course Details & Curriculum

Introduction to Cloud Computing and Cloud Deployment Models

  • Define Cloud computing and its essential characteristics
  • Determine if cloud Computing will benefit an organization
  • Describe Oracle's Cloud offerings
  • Explain the Cloud management lifecycle
  • Describe various Cloud service models
  • Describe various Cloud deployment models
  • Describe the factors that determine the Cloud type that will meet an organization's needs
  • Describe considerations for adopting a Cloud model
Cloud for Self-Service Users
  • Describe Cloud anatomy
  • Describe the capalibilites and attributes of a Cloud Control 12c self-service user
  • Describe actions that self service users can take in Cloud Control 12c
  • Describe what happens when a self service user requests a resource in the cloud
Common Building Blocks
  • Describe the setup tasks that are common to IaaS and PaaS
  • Create Cloud administrators
  • Create Cloud self service users
  • Set up the software library
  • Configure Self Update
  • Customize the Self Service Portal login page
  • Configure Chargeback
Implementing IaaS Cloud
  • Describe the relationship between IaaS and OVM Manager
  • Describe the background activities when an IaaS Self Service User requests a server
  • Describe the building blocks of IaaS using OVM
  • Register OVM Manager
  • Discover OVM servers
  • Set up OVM Storage Pools and an OVM Storage Repository
  • Configure OVM networks
  • Create OVM Server Pools
  • Create OVM Zones
Setting Up the IaaS Self Service Portal
  • Set up the IaaS self service portal
  • Define machine sizes
  • Configure request settings
  • Assign quotas against roles
  • Publish software components
PaaS Fundamentals
  • Describe PaaS implementation in EMCC12c
  • Describe the topology of PaaS Infrastructure Zones
  • Describe the relationship between PaaS Pools and Oracle Homes
  • Describe the importance of privilege delegation and named credentials to the PaaS Cloud
  • Provision credentials
Implementing DBaaS
  • Set up the DBaaS infrastructure
  • Provision Oracle database homes
  • Explain how DBaaS Pools use Oracle database homes
  • Create DBaaS pools
Setting Up the DBaaS Self Service Portal
  • Set up the DBaaS Self Service Portal
  • Configure request settings
  • Assigning Quotas to Roles
  • Create database Deployment Procedures
  • Publishing database Deployment Procedures
  • Describe the entities for which Chargeback may be done
  • Define Cost Calculations with Charge Plans
  • Assign charges to cost centers
  • Assign cost centers to IaaS and DBaaS targets
  • Report on usage of Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Clouds
Consolidation Planner
  • Describe how Consolidation Planner fits into the IT Infrastrcuture Lifestyle
  • Describe how Consolidation Planner can assist in assessing IT Infrastructure Usage
  • Describe the use of Consolidation Planner scenarios
  • View Consolidation Scenario Results

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