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Oracle Financials Cloud: Accounting Hub Fundamentals

30 Hours
Online Instructor-led Training
USD 2800
Oracle Financials Cloud: Accounting Hub Fundamentals course and certification
318 Learners

About this Course

This Oracle Financials Cloud: Accounting Hub Fundamentals training provides implementation training for the Oracle Financials Cloud: Accounting Hub and Subledger Accounting. You will explore implementation considerations, subledger accounting methods, period close, and financial reporting options.

Course Objective

  • Identify the key features of the Oracle Fusion Accounting Hub.
  • Understand navigation.
  • Use Functional Setup Manager (FSM) and the security features to implement  Accounting Hub Cloud.
  • Describe enterprise structures, financial reporting structures, ledgers, and the Vision story.
  • Configure accounting transformations.
  • Discuss period close components.
Target Audience

  • Analyst
  • End User
  • Implementer
  • Manager

Oracle Financials Cloud: Accounting Hub Fundamentals

Course Details & Curriculum
      Oracle Financials Cloud: Accounting Hub Fundamentals Overview 
      • Explaining the Available Implementation Resources
      • Understanding the Course Schedule
      • Explaining the Key Features of the Oracle Accounting Hub Cloud Service
      • Discussing the Rapid Implementation Approach
      • Describing Accounting Hub Reporting Options

Introducing Oracle Fusion Navigation

      • Navigating Oracle Cloud Applications
      • Exploring Dashboards
      • Examining Panels
      • Reviewing the General Ledger Infolets
      • Describing Personalizations

Financials Setup Overview

      • Describing Functional Setup Manage
      • Understanding the Key Concepts of Functional Setup Manager
      • Using Opt In Feature to Enable Offerings, Functional Areas, and Features
      • Managing Setup Data
      • Using Export and Import to Set Up Your Data
      • Explaining Migration of Setup Data from Test to Production

Overview of Security

      • Understanding the Oracle Security Model
      • Discussing Using the Security Console
      • Examining Changes to the Common Security Features

Enterprise Structures and Ledgers Overview

      • Describing Enterprise Structures
      • Describing Reporting Structures Setups
      • Understanding Ledgers
      • Understanding Rapid Implementation Tasks

Accounting Transformation Configuration

      • Explaining the Accounting Transformation Process
      • Understanding the Key Features of Accounting Transformations
      • Describing the Implementation Process of Accounting Transformation
      • Managing the Accounting Transformation Accounting Methods
      • Creating and Processing Accounting Entries
      • Understanding the Optional Manual Features of Subledger Accounting
      • Explaining the Advanced Features of Subledger Accounting

Period Close Components

      • Understanding the General Ledger Accounting Cycle
      • Explaining the Period Close Monitors
      • Opening and Closing a Period
      • Discussing Period Close Components

Configuring Financial Reporting

    • Explaining the Vision Corporation and Supremo Fitness Story
    • Describing the Features of the Financial Reporting Center
    • Describing Smart View Features
    • Creating Financial Reports Using the Financial Reporting Studio
    • Understanding Infolets and Account Groups
    • Viewing an Account Group and Using the Sunburst Visualization Tool from the Financial Reporting Center
    • Discussing Oracle Transaction BI Reports
    • Describing BI Publisher Reports

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