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Oracle VM Essentials Overview Seminar

30 Hours
Online Instructor-led Training
USD 2800
Oracle VM Essentials Overview Seminar course and certification
318 Learners

About this Course

This course provides a technical introduction to Oracle VM 2.2, starting with use cases and expanding to cover management of fully virtualized datacenters using Oracle VM's high availability features. After taking this course, students learn to rapidly deploy Oracle products as pre-configured templates, make critical decisions such as hardware or paravirtualization, and learn to take full advantage of the management, reliability and availability tools which come with Oracle VM. Recorded Demos add to the learning experience, through demos on Importing VMware Virtual Machine, Server Pool Management using Oracle VM Manager, VM Configuration, Administration, and Lifecycle Management.

Course Objective

  • Understanding different Virtualization types
  • Understanding why virtualize
  • Understanding using RAD Templates
  • Managing pools of servers
  • Using Oracle VM to manage virtual datacenter
Target Audience

  • Administrator
  • Developer

Oracle VM Essentials Overview Seminar

Course Details & Curriculum

1.      Introduction to Oracle VM Server Virtualization and Management

·       Concepts overview

·       Defining Virtualization

·       Server Virtualization Techniques

·       Hypervisor Vs Virtualization Server

·       Advantages to Virtualization

·       Oracle VM Performance

2.      Inside the Virtualization Server

·       Guest OS

·       Considerations for Virtualization

·       Security implications with Virtualization

3.      Lifecycle Management - Templates

·       Three Advanced VM Creation Methods

·       Oracle VM’s Directory Structure

·       Virtual-to-Virtual Machine Conversion

·       Physical-to-Virtual Machine Conversion

·       VM Creation using Oracle VM Templates

4.      Oracle VM Manager

·       Oracle VM Architecture

·       Oracle VM Manager Components

·       Oracle VM Server Pools

5.      Server Roles

·       Resource Management

·       Virtual Machine Management and Configuration

·       Administration

6.      High Availability Setup and Configuration

·       Storage Recommendations

·       Network Recommendations

7.      Troubleshooting and Diagnostics

·       Oracle VM Internals

·       Troubleshooting

·       Guest and System Hang

·       Problem Scenarios



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