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SAP Cash Management powered by HANA

30 Hours
Online Instructor-led Training
USD 1399 (USD 2800)
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SAP Cash Management powered by HANA course and certification
18 Learners

About this Course
SAP Cash Management powered by HANA (SAP S/4HANA) provides notable improvements over the preceding ERP offering for Cash Management, Bank Account Management and Liquidity Management, also introduce new treasury capabilities like Hedge Accounting, Commodity Management, Risk and Portfolio Analysis. This treasury solution can be incorporated as a part of SAP Simple Finance, either in the cloud (S/4HANA) or on-premise. With the new HANA-based Cash Management system, SAP exhibits the significance of real-time insight and intuitive design in fragile area of finance.
The Cash management is an online certification course offered by SAP HANA to cater customer’s demands for timely cash flow management. The Cash management by HANA combines the data analytics and handle large data with easy user interface connectivity.


Uplatz offers in-depth intense course on SAP Cash Management powered by HANA. The SAP Cash Management powered by HANA certification and training program mainly focuses on helping students in understanding SAP cash management functions, attaining an ability to implement Cash Operations and Liquidity Management, and going into detail of SAP S/4HANA based features in cash finance.


Course Description

SAP Cash management provides prominent improvements for the latest ERP tool for cash management, bank account management, liquid cash management along with treasury capabilities such as commodity management, risk and profile analysis. The Treasury capabilities is combined in SAP finance through cloud or on premise.

Cash management by HANA online training program makes the participants to understand the techniques of a management while collecting a real-time impression of the bank account with limitations, risks and workflow abilities.

With the invasion of SAP cash management, the importance of real-time data forecast and instinct design in the area of finance is exhibited. The trainees of the course are well-equipped with SAP cash management functions, execute cash operations and liquid cash management.


Objectives of SAP Cash Management powered by HANA Training

The Cash management online certification course offered by SAP HANA will make sure the participants to

1) Detail the functionalities of SAP Cash management powered by SAP HANA
2) Personalize, set-up and make use of the bank account management within SAP Cash management
3) Learn efficient cash operation within SAP cash management tool
Improve knowledge on electronic bank statement, liquidity management
5) U
nderstand the new technologies based on S/4HANA Finance which enable the treasury transformation
Upskill in Operational Cash Management (Cash Position and Disposition) concepts
Gain knowledge on core concepts like Bank Account Management, Liquidity Management and Electronic Bank Statement
8) A
ttain ability to process Manual Bank Statements and Electronic Bank Statements


Target Audience

·       SAP Consultants
·       Application Consultants
·       Business Analysts
·       Finance Professionals
·       Aspirants determined to make a successful career in SAP world


SAP Cash Management powered by HANA

Course Details & Curriculum

Lesson 1: Overview of Financials for SAP S/4HANA

·       Describing SAP HANA and SAP S/4HANA

Lesson 2: Overview of SAP Cash Management

·       Defining the Functions of SAP Cash Management

Lesson 3: Manual Memo Records

·       Processing Memo Records

Lesson 4: Check Deposit

·       Managing Check Deposit Transactions

Lesson 5: Manual Bank Statement

·       Processing Manual Bank Statements
·       Post-processing Manual Bank Statements

Lesson 6: Electronic Bank Statement

·       Processing Electronic Bank Statements
·       Post-processing Electronic Bank Statements

Lesson 7: Bank Account Management

·       Using the Bank Account Management Solution

Lesson 8: Cash Operations

·       Using Cash Operations

Lesson 9: Liquidity Management

·       Using Liquidity Management

SAP Certified Application Associate - Cash Management by HANA

The SAP Certified Application Associate – Cash Management by HANA online certification exam validates that the participants possess latest knowledge of the cash management tool capabilities. The SAP cash management online training certification course make sure that the participants can learn how to configure and utilise the functionalities of cash management to implement, customize and maintain cash, bank accounts within an organization.


Career Path

The SAP cash management by HANA online certification course trained by expert professionals provides wide range of job opportunities owing its planning, management and analytics. The leading companies hire SAP HANA / cash management consultants because of the innovative feature in cash management.

The following are the job titles:

·       SAP Treasury Consultant
·       Cash Manager
·       Senior Cash Manager
·       SAP Business Warehouse Consultant
·       SAP Business Intelligence Consultant
·       SAP BW HANA Developer
·       SAP BW Associate


Job Prospects

The SAP Cash Management Consultants draw an average salary starting from $95,550 to $214,500 per year based on seniority level.


Interview Questions

1. Define Cash Flow management.

Cash flow management refers to the area of finance which involves data collection, management, and usage. Cash flow management is helpful in predicting market research, cash flow and investments.

2. Define cash flow forecast.

The cash flow forecast provides an estimation of the money amount expected to flow in and out in your business and includes other upcoming income and expenses.

3. What is the coverage of the cash flow forecast?

The cash flow forecast covers an estimate of 12 months. The shorter duration includes 1 week or a month.

4. Define Cash Plan.

Apart from inventory management, cash planning is the master key to reduce capital amount.

5. What are the strategies followed to improve cash flow?

The strategies to improve cash flow are:

·       Offering loan discounts
·       Inventory improvement
·       Customer credit card checking
·       Utilise electronic payments

6. What are the skills required for a business?

The business people have common attributes. The personal qualities are motivation, ambition, goals, great drive and learning skills.

7. Define petty cash.

Petty cash is the little amount of cash which is used to pay small amount and pay through electronic payment rather than cheque payment.

8. Define Net Increment cash flows.

Net increment cash flows are the grouping of the cash inflows and cash outflows happening within a specified period of time.

9. What are the net incremental cash flows necessary to calculate an investment?

·       Net Present value
·       Internal rate of return
·       Payback period

10. Define petty cash voucher.

Petty cash voucher is a small sized form that is used to record and document payment details from petty cash fund. Petty cash fund also known as petty cash receipts.

11. Define Present value.

Present value is the outcome result of discounting amounts till present.

12. Define Net Present value.


Net present value is the current value of the cash inflows minus current value of the cash outflows.


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