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SAP Crystal Reports in Business Intelligence (BI) Training

30 Hours
Online Instructor-led Training
USD 1399 (USD 2800)
Save 50% Offer ends on 30-Jun-2024
SAP Crystal Reports in Business Intelligence (BI) Training course and certification
54 Learners

About this Course
SAP Crystal Reports course facilitates acquisition of skills and fundamental knowledge using SAP BusinessObjects Crystal Reports 2013 to create and maintain reports to analyze and interpret important information

SAP Crystal Reports in Business Intelligence (BI) Training

Course Details & Curriculum

Fundamentals of Report Design

Report Concepts

o Describing Reporting Concepts

Report Creation

o Choosing a Report Creation Method

o Connecting to Data Sources

o Navigating in the Design Environment

o Inserting Objects in a Report

o Previewing a Report

o Saving a Report

o Setting the Position and Size of Objects

o Formatting Objects

Record Selection

o Setting Records Using Select Expert

o Saving and Refreshing Data in Reports

o Setting Additional Criteria

o Applying Time-Based Record Selection

Report Data Sorting, Grouping, and Summarizing

o Sorting Records

o Creating a Grand Total

o Grouping Records

o Managing Multiple Groups

o Grouping on Time-Based Data

o Summarizing Data

o Sorting and Filtering Groups

o Sorting Groups using Specified Order

Graphics and Special Fields

o Adding Graphical Elements

o Adding Special Fields

Section Formatting

o Formatting Sections

o Controlling Page Breaks

o Creating Summary Reports

Basic Formulas

o Defining a Formula

o Creating If-Then-Else Formulas

o Creating Boolean Formulas

o Creating Formulas with Dates

o Creating Summary Functions in Formulas

o Applying String Manipulation

Conditional Reporting

o Highlighting Data in a Report

o Formatting Data Conditionally


o Creating Charts Without Groups

o Creating Charts Based on Existing Groups and Summaries

o Customizing a Chart on a Simple Report with No Groups

Report Distribution

o Exporting a Report

o Saving a Report to SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform


Business Reporting and Report Processing Strategies

Report Wizard

Running Totals



Control Structures




Additional Parameters Properties

Additional Applications for Parameters

Dynamic List of Values for Parameters



Custom Functions


Introduction to Subreports

Linked Subreports

Report Linking Report Processing


Optimizing Report Data Processing

Identification of link and join types

Setup and configuration of data sources

Updating a report for database changes

Server-side data processing

Report data validation

Problem detection and fixes


Fundamentals of Report Design

Report Planning

o Describing Database Concepts

o Planning and Developing a Report Prototype

SAP Business Objects BI Platform and Data Source Connection

o Logging On to SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform

o Defining a Data Source

Report Creation

o Connecting to a Data Source

o Creating a Query

o Describing the Report Design Environment

o Setting Up Report Sections

o Describing the Field Objects Controls

o Saving a Report

Report Layout and Formatting

o Setting Page Properties

o Applying Report Formatting Options

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