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SAP Enable Now

30 Hours
Online Instructor-led Training
USD 1399 (USD 2800)
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SAP Enable Now course and certification
12 Learners

About this Course

SAP Enable Now is a comprehensive content development and user enablement solution. Enable Now system can manage all features of corporate knowledge transfer and content management.
SAP Enable Now provides the knowledge the employees need to succeed exactly where and when it is needed. Enable Now offers advanced performance support and training capabilities that help an organization to improve productivity, user adoption, and the end-user experience. It allows to easily create, maintain, deliver performance support, learning material, and documentation content.

SAP Enable Now is an enterprise-based solution to gain user adoption and the ability of the software programs along with the content development which works best for employees. It is a complete end-to-end solution to collaborate and manage authoring, content management and content delivery.

The SAP Enable Now management platform supports documentation, simulation, performance support, test plans and script, context knowledge base. The employees or the entire project team create content based on model templates. The services are automatically localized across the globe. It use multi-modality function to re-use the content structure.

SAP Enable Now e-learning process is interactive and the process simulations as well. The documentation delivers full content understandable by the participants and the quiz questions are posted in between to check your understanding.

Enable Now manager is responsible to manage your work area and create, manage and share the knowledge. SAP Enable Now performance support is used to increase productivity in daily work or business.

Some of the key highlights of SAP Enable Now are:

·       On-premise or cloud deployment
·       Rapid authoring capabilities
·       Single-source recordings
·       Customisable learning content


Uplatz provides this end-to-end training on SAP Enable Now. You will learn about the Enable Now solution, components, simulation, documentation, various tools integrated into the solution, and the like.

Course Objective

The SAP Enable Now online certification course offered by Uplatz is intended for organizations to create competent and challenging employees. SAP Enable Now is an enterprise-based learning tool to create and organize content for the workforce to improve productivity and user adoption.


Target Audience

·       Project Team
·       Administrators
·       Key users
·       End users
·       SAP Consultants
·       Any individual interested in SAP Enable Now implementation or management


SAP Enable Now

Course Details & Curriculum

1.     Course introduction

2.     Solution overview

3.     Product components

·       SAP Enable Now Instant Producer

·       SAP Enable Now Producer

·       SAP Enable Now Manager

·       SAP Enable Now Desktop Assistant

4.     The concept behind

5.     Simulation and documentation

·       Simulation recording

·       Simulation basic editing

·       Simulation advanced editing

·       Localization and content update

·       Documentation

·       Text units

6.     Courseware

·       Overview and use cases

·       Simple pages

·       Dynamic pages

·       Methodology and didactics

·       Structuring of courseware

7.     Questions and Quizzes

·       Comparison of quiz and questions

·       Quiz

·       Questions in book pages

8.     Desktop Assistant

·       Desktop Assistant basics

·       Desktop Assistant creation

·       Page keys

·       Context help

·       Guided tours

9.     Web Assistant

·       Web Assistant basics

·       Creation

·       Maintenance

10.  Collaborative content production

·       Working with Manager overview

·       Producer-Manager interaction

·       Collaboration

·       Versioning

·       Web-based editing


C_SEN300_84 (SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP Enable Now)


The SAP Certified Development Associate – SAP Enable Now online certification exam validates that the participants possess the basic and core knowledge needed for the Application and Implementation consultant profile. This SAP Enable Now certification proves that the candidate has an overall understanding and in-depth technical skills to participate as a member of a project team in a mentored role. This certification exam is recommended as an entry level qualification.



Career Path

The SAP Enable Now online certification course trained by Uplatz’s expert professionals provides wide range of job opportunities owing its cloud or premise-based learning, soft-skill, content, performance solution. The leading companies hire SAP Enablement consultants to increase productivity.

The following are the job titles in SAP Enable Now career:

·       SAP Enable Now Consultant
·       SAP Enablement Lead
·       Enablement Performance Builder
·       Developers
·       Associates
·       Management Consultant


Job Prospects

The SAP Enablement consultant draws an average salary ranging between $106,780 to $156,900 per annum based on the experience as well as the seniority level. SAP Enable Now professionals are in good demand due to the ever-increasing need for learning content management and LMS automation.


Interview Questions

1.       Define SAP Enable Now tool?

SAP Enable Now is an enterprise-based learning tool use to create and manage training content for your company to improve productivity.

2.       Why is the SAP Enable Now solution so popular?

·       Single source platform derived from varied output sources
·       Template-based content creation, management
·       Auto localization
·       Multi-modality function to re-use the content

3.       How is the multi-modality used in content?

The content saved in the repository is re-used in classroom training, e-learning curriculum and performance support.

4.       What are the supportive learning modals?

SAP Enable Now is base platform for collaborative authoring which includes content management,  and supports different modalities such as formal learning, informal learning and performance support.

5.       What does the SAP Enable Now manager do?

SAP Enable Now manager is responsible to manage collaborative authoring, content management, kNowledge sharing and creating reports.

6.       What are the different modes in performance support?

The different modes of performance support within SAP Enable Now framework are:

·       Desktop assistant
·       Web assistant

7.       What are the key features of desktop assistant mode in performance support?

·       Seamless connectivity
·       Interactive guidance
·       Crisp and sensitive context
·       Instant information

8.       What makes the web assistant unique from desktop assistant?

The web assistant is the trending way to deliver the instant information, context, seamless connectivity and step by step guidance to SAP cloud solutions, initiating with S/4 HANA.

9.       How to improvise employee efficiency and new process adoption?

The organization need to offer on the job learning tool with step by step guidance.

10.   What is the role of performance support?

The performance support is responsible to provide kNowledge at the earliest and get the most out of investments into IT provider solutions.

11.   What are three modalities available in existing web assistant integration with SAP S/4 HANA to provide help?

The three different modalities in web assistant integration with SAP S/4 HANA to provide help are:

·       Context help
·       Process guidance
·       Learning content

12.   Define Knowledge content management?

The main intention of the knowledge content management is to create repetition free content structure to ensure optimization and easy maintenance.

13.   What are the features of content authoring?

The main features of content authoring are:

·       Text Editor
·       Video assistant
·       Page key handle attributes
·       Advanced search


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