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SAP EWM Training

50 Hours
Online Instructor-led Training
USD 1399 (GBP 2000)
Save 50% Offer ends on 30-Jun-2024
SAP EWM Training course and certification

About this Course
SAP EWM Live Course Details

SAP EWM Training

Course Details & Curriculum

The Extended Warehouse Management System
 Introduction to Extended Warehouse Management
 Basic ERP and EWM Integration
 Delivery Document Integration

EWM Structure
 Storage Types
 Storage Sections
 Storage Bins
 Activity Areas
 Doors and Staging Areas
 Work Centers

Master Data
 Product Master Data
 Business Partner Data
 Supply Chain Units
 Master Data For Transportation
 Packaging Specifications
 Resources

Warehouse Stock Management
 Stock Types
 Owner
 Party Entitled to Dispose
 Batch Management
 Handling Unit Management
 Transportation Units

Warehouse Document Types
 Inbound Delivery Documents
 Outbound Delivery Documents
 Warehouse Tasks
 Warehouse Orders
 Physical Inventory Documents

Integration from ERP to EWM
 Basic System Setup
 Master Data Integration
 Delivery Integration

Inbound Processing
 Goods Receipt Preparation
 Unloading and Goods Receipt
 Posting Goods Receipt

Putaway Processing
 Process-Oriented Storage Control for Inbound Processes
 Layout Oriented Storage Control for Inbound Processes
 Deconsolidation
 Value Added Services

Outbound Processing
 Outbound Delivery Creation
 Warehouse Process Type Determination
 Wave Management
 Warehouse Order Creation during Outbound Processes
 Storage Type Determination
 Stock Removal Strategies
 Storage Control in the Outbound Processes

Internal Warehouse Movements
 Replenishment
 Rearrangement
 Ad Hoc Moves
 Posting Changes

Multistep Warehouse Movements
 Process-Oriented Storage Control
 Layout-Oriented Storage Control

Physical Inventory
 Physical Inventory Documents
 Physical Inventory Areas
 Difference Analyzer
 Stock Comparison to ERP
 Supported Methods for Physical Inventory

Warehouse Monitoring and Reporting
 Warehouse Management Monitor
 Personalizing the Warehouse Monitor
 Warehouse Reporting

Exception Handling
 Configuring Exception Codes
 Defining a New Exception Code
 Defining a New Exception Code

 EWM-Triggered Opportunistic Cross-Docking
 Push Deployment and Pick From Goods

Yard Management
 Yard Management Structure
 Transportation Units and Vehicles
 Check-In and Check-Out
 Yard Movements
 Monitoring the Yard

Value-Added Services (VAS)
 Configuration and Master Data for VAS
 VAS Order Creation
 Using the VAS Work Centre and VAS Execution
 VAS for Outbound Process
 VAS for Inbound Processes

 Kit to Order using ERP Sales Orders
 Kit to Stock

Data Capture and Resource Optimization
 Overview of Data Capture Methods for Warehousing
 Resource Management and Warehouse Optimization
 System-Guided Processing

RF Framework
 Advantages of the EWM RF Framework
 Setup of the RF Framework
 Enhancing the EWM RF Transactions
 Personalization of the EWM RF Transaction

Post-Processing Framework (PPF) and Form Printing
 Overview of the PPF
 Defining Action Profiles and Actions
 Condition Configuration
Deploying Extended Warehouse Management
 Deployment Options for EWM
 Deploying EWM on ERP
 Connecting EWM to a Non-SAP ERP

Automatic Configuration
 BC Sets for EWM Configuration
 Executing and Troubleshooting BC Sets

Data Loads
 Loading Business Partners
 Loading Products
 Loading Storage Bins
 Loading Storage Bin Sorting
 Loading Stock

Course Completion Certificate 

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