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25 Hours
Online Instructor-led Training
USD 1120
SAP HANA Admin course and certification
318 Learners

About this Course
SAP HANA system administrators are responsible for ensuring the efficient and continuous operation of all SAP HANA databases deployed in the corporate environment. As with any business-critical solution, proper management of SAP HANA requires a solid understanding of its internal mechanics to interpret the metrics that are monitored and their impact on system and application performance, as well as its administration and tooling capabilities to plan and execute a suitable database management strategy.



Course Details & Curriculum
Course Overview
Unit1-SAP HANA Introduction
L1-SAP HANA- Introduction
L2- SAP HANA Information Sources

Unit2- Architecture And Scenarios
L1-SAP HANA Memory Management and Persistance
L2- Software packaging
L3- SAP HANA Roadmap and Scenarios
L4 - Deployment Options

Unit3- Preparing Installation
L1-Sizing Of SAP HANA

Unit4- Installation
L1- Introduction SAP HANA Lifecycle Management Tools
L2- Advanced Installation Options
L3- SAP HANA Studio Installation
L4- Perfroming Distributed System Installation

Unit5 - Post Installation
L1- Post Installation Steps
L2- Updating SAP HANA
L3 - Revision Strategy Of SAP HANA

Unit6- Administration Tools For SAP HANA
L1- Administation Tool Overview
L2- SAP HANA Studio and SAP HANA Cockpit
L3- SHINE- SAP HANA Interactive Education
L5- HD SQL Command Line Tool

Unit7- Operations And Troubleshooting
L1-Starting and Stopping SAP HANA
L2- Configuring SAP HANA
L3- SAP HANA Table Administration
L4- Periodic tasks
L5 - Configuring Traces
L6- Working With Diagnosis Information and Diagnosis Files
L7 - SQL Console

Unit 8-Performing Traces in SAP HANA
HANA Traces
SQL Trace
Expensive Statement Trace
SQL Plan Cache
SQL Explain Plan
SQL Plan Visualizer

Unit8 - Backup and Recovery
L1-Concept Of backup and Recovery
L2- Data Area Backup
L3- Log Area backup
L4-Additional Backup Topics
L5 - Recovery 
L6- Back up and Recovery using Storage Snapshot

Unit 9 - Security
L1 - Security Overview
L2- Authentication and Authorization
L3 - Encryption 
L4 - Auditing

Unit 10- High Availability and Disaster Tolerence
L1- High Availability 
L2- SAP HANA Scale Out
L3- Disaster Recovery

Unit 11- MultiTenant Database Containers
L1- Architechture and Technology 
L2- Admnistration Of Multitenant Database Containers
L3- Backup and Recovery Of Multitenant Database Containers

Unit 12 - Memory Management
Monitoring and Root Cause Analysis

Unit 13 - SAP HANA Database Alerts
Alert Monitoring
Analysis Of Alerts In SAP HANA Studio

Unit 14 -Data Provisioning in SAP Hana
Main Data Provisioning Scenarios
Import Flat File
Replicaion Data using SLT
SAP Hana Enterpirse Information Management
Other Data Provisioning Methods

Unit 15 -Modelling and Data Processing Information Models

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