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SAP S/4HANA Payroll

18 Hours
Online Instructor-led Training
USD 1399 (USD 2800)
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SAP S/4HANA Payroll course and certification
318 Learners

About this Course
 Payroll is one of the key components in SAP and is used to process payroll of employees in an organization.
SAP Payroll system also calculates the gross pay and the net pay. It consists of payments for each employee and deductions made during a payroll period. SAP Payroll is very neccessary.

SAP S/4HANA Payroll

Course Details & Curriculum

                                                       SAP S/4 HANA PAYROLL


1. Payroll Overview


 • Define Payroll Accounting

 • List components of gross and net pay calculation

 • List the steps in the Payroll cycle-Understand the integration between payroll and other SAP components

 • Payroll process-Gross payroll and Net payroll-Payroll cycle.


 2. Prerequisite configuration for Payroll.


 • Configuration of prerequisite Info types

 • Control Record

 • Payroll organization-Payroll accounting areas

 • Period and date modifiers

 • Payroll periods-Defaulting payroll area


 3. Configuration of Basic pay Infotype


• Employee subgroup grouping

• Pay scale types and Areas


• Payroll periods, Pay scale groups and levels

• Pay scale salary ranges


4. Configure Wage types for Basic pay and Wage type configuration tool


.• Permissibility per infotype

 • Wage type characteristics

 • Wage type group Basic Pay

 • EE subgroup grouping for primary wage type

 • PSA grouping for primary wage type

 • WT permissibility per ESG and PSA

 • Default wage types

 • Wage type models for created wage types

 • Valuation of Wage types

 • Modules for Indirect Valuation, TARIF, PRZNT , SUMME

 • Primary and secondary wage type


. 5. Configuration of payroll Infotypes.


 • Organizational assignment-Payroll status

 • Planned working time

 • Basic pay

 • Bank details

 • Recurring payments and deductions

 • Additional payments

 • External wage components Country Specific Infotypes

 • ✔ IT 0207 Residence Tax Area

 • ✔ IT 0208 Work Tax Area

 • ✔ IT 0209 Unemployment State

 • ✔ IT 0210 Withholding info W4/W5 US


6. Payroll run


 • Payroll simulation

 • Payroll run (Release payroll, Start payroll, Payroll log, check results, corrections , exit payroll, remuneration statement ,display payroll results)

 • Payroll log

 • Payroll result


7. Configuration of technical procedures-schemas-functions-personnel calculation rules, control tables.

 • Payroll driver RPCALCxO-Payroll schema X000, Functions


 • PCR : X010, X013, UMOD, X015, XPPF

 • Processing class: 01, 06, 15, 31, 20, 25 and 30

 • Valuate time wage types, constant valuation, Person related valuation basis, Assign valuation basis.


 This component elaborates the country-specific enhancements in the payroll calculation that meet the special requirements in Kuwait.


 • Advance leave payment This function enables employees to receive part of their salary that corresponds to paid leave days by an off-cycle payroll run, even before the leave takes place.

 • Provision calculation: This function enables companies to accumulate and prepare for payment of various benefits on a regular basis in each payroll run. Provision calculation for leave passage, paid leaves and end-of-service payment are integrated in payroll calculation.

 • Refinement of absences: This function provides companies with more options to configure the allocation, distribution and evaluation process for special absence types.

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