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SAP Vendor Invoice Management ( VIM )

30 Hours
Online Instructor-led Training
USD 1399 (USD 2800)
Save 50% Offer ends on 31-Dec-2023
SAP Vendor Invoice Management ( VIM )  course and certification

About this Course
SAP Vendor Invoice Management ( VIM )  Live Course Details

SAP Vendor Invoice Management ( VIM )

Course Details & Curriculum

Overview on Opentext VIM

          Overview on Vendor Invoice Management

Important/Mandatory config       

          Archive Doc Type Config

          VIM roles

          VIM Process Types Config

          VIM Process Options/Button Config

          VIM BDC ID Config

VIM PO based invoice processing

          DP Doc type creation

          Process type & DP doc type config

          Assigning logic to each process type

          Invoice exception processing

          Document processing

          DP dashboard

          Roles in document processing

          Segregation of DP doc type(PO/NPO)

          Country specific settings for DP doc type

VIM PO based invoice processing(continued)         

          Logical module processing

          Background execution of process type

          Document type definition

          PO invoice approvalconfig

          PO line item determination

          Rollout criteria for blocking process

          PO invoice blocking process config

          PO invoice parking process config

VIM Non PO Invoice processing   

          Non PO Process flow

          Process type creation

          DP Doc type creation

          VIM segregation of DP doc type config

          Invoice exception processing

Invoice approval


          AFS ID creation

          Maintianing COA

          Configuring process type

          IAP process basics

          Coding validation

          Invoice approval SAP GUI interface

          Invoice approval web/mobile theoratical overview

Reports & background job  

          VIM analytic report

          SAP workflow basic

          Basis & administrative work

          Overview of VIM workflows

          VIM tips related to installation & mandate one time config

          Debugging in production/quality

          Background job schedluing

IDH Channel config     

          BCC channel config(OAWD)

          BCC email channel

          IDOC channel config

Invoice Capture Center Config/BCC       

          Overview BCC

          BCC config in SAP

          BCC config in BCC app

          Batch jobs to communicate BCC & SAP

Channels Config in Business Center      

          BCC channel config(OAWD)

          BCC email channel

          IDOC channel config

Interview Preparation

          Interview Preparation

SAP VIM Certificate

Course Completion Certificate 

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