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SAP WM Training

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40 Hours
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SAP WM Training online course and certification


SAP WM Training

About this Course

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What is SAP WM?

SAP Warehouse Management (WM) is an important SAP module that provides warehouse management functionality. This module provides tools & processes to maintain inventory at optimum level.

SAP WM course covers all aspects of warehouse management and will provide you skills to become a successful warehouse manager with complete command over SAP WM module.


What will students learn in this course?

·        This course will help you to understand the concepts of SAP Warehouse Management system 

·        Understand Organizational structure and master data

·        You will be able to perform end to end transaction on SAP WM 

·        You will understand in detail regarding picking and put-away strategies 

·        Clear your concepts on good receipts, good issue, stock transfer, stock removal, transfer orders

·        Understand customizations in WM 

·        Understand movement types 

·        Understand storage bins in SAP WM

·        You will be able to perform configuration and transactions as taught in the course

·        Difference in managing stocks in Inventory Management & Warehouse Management 

·        Will be able to carry out blue printing for your warehouse


Mode of teaching

This is instructor-led online course on SAP WM (Warehouse Management).

If you are looking for self paced video based course then visit this link - 

SAP WM self-paced course
Course Details & Curriculum

SAP Warehouse Management

01.                  Introduction to Warehouse Management

·        Warehouse management overview in SAP R/3

·        Organization Data

·        Warehouse Structure

·        Warehouse Master Data

·        WM Material master view

02.                  Organization Data

02.01.     Define Warehouse structure

·        Warehouse number

·        Storage type

·        Storage section

·        Storage Bin

·        Picking Area

·        Storage unit

·        Quant etc..

02.02.     Master Data

·        Material Master

·        Storage bin

02.03.     Transfer Requirement

·        Create Transfer requirement automatically

·        Create Transfer requirement manually

·        Create Transfer requirement for storage type

·        Create Transfer requirement for material

03.                  Transfer Order

·        Number Range for TO

·        Create TO w.r.t Transfer Requirement

·        Create TO w.r.t Posting change notice no

·        Create TO w.r.t Storage unit

·        Create TO w.r.t Material document

·        Create TO w.r.t Inbound delivery

·        T.O. Creation In Background

·        Confirm the Transfer Order

·        Cancel the Transfer Order

·        Print Transfer Order

04.                  Put away Strategies

·        Next to empty bin

·        Fixed Bin

·        Open Storage

·        Addition to existing bin

·        Pallets

·        Fixed bin strategy

05.                  Picking Strategies

·        Shelf life expired

·        FIFO

·        Stringent FIFO

·        LIFO

06.                  Warehouse Management Business Scenario's (MM)

·        Goods Receipt processing with inbound delivery (with ASN)

·        Goods receipt processing without inbound delivery

·        Goods issue for internal consumption

·        Replenishment Control for Storage Type

07.                  Warehouse movement types

·        Define reference movement types for WM

·        Assign reference movement types to WM movement types

08.                  Search Strategies

·        Storage type search strategies

·        Storage section search strategies

·        Storage bin type search strategies

09.                  Batch Management in WM

·        Condition Tables

·        Access Sequence

·        Strategy Types

·        WM Batch Search Procedure

·        Batch Status in WM

·        Characteristics and class

·        SLED In Batch in WM

·        Manual And Automatic Batch Display In WM


1)     What is SAP WM?

SAP WM (SAP warehouse management) is an ERP (Enterprise Resource planning) software by SAP. SAP WM helps business to optimize their warehouses in order to manage goods in the warehouse. It helps businesses to dramatically reduce the cost and manage, move, store, transport the goods in an efficient and timely manner.

2)     What is the use of SAP WM?

SAP WM is one of the key modules in supply chain management. It provides an accurate information on location of the good, quantity of the goods, whether the goods are in transition or placed at a storage bin. SAP WM module helps organization to manage goods properly, thus eventually helping to take informed decision.

3)     What is SAP warehouse structure?

SAP Warehouse structure is made up of the following elements:
·        Warehouse number: It is the number assigned to a physical warehouse.
·        Storage type: It is the type of warehousing techniques such as high rach storage, bulk storage, open storage, picking area, shelf storage etc.
·        Storage section: It is a section in SAP WM where storage bins with similar features are kept for putting away the stocks.
·        Storage Bin: It is the position in the warehouse where goods are or can be stored. The storage bin is the smallest available unit of space in the warehouse.
·        Quant: It is a quantity of material with similar characteristics in a single storage bin.
4)     What is transfer requirement in SAP WM?
—  Transfer requirement is a document that serves to plan goods movements using the Warehouse Management System (WMS). This is a request to transfer materials from a source storage bin to a destination storage bin in a warehouse complex at a particular time is called transfer requirement.
—  Importance of Transfer Requirements:
Ø  Provide information on goods movements that are posted in Inventory Management to the Warehouse Management System
Ø  To initiate goods movements in WMS
Ø  To initiate material replenishment for production storage bins in the production supply areas using the Production Planning (PP) component

5)     What is transfer order?

Based on existing transfer requirements, the Warehouse Management System creates transfer orders, which, in turn, serve to execute the physical goods movements in the warehouse. The transfer order contains all the information required to execute the physical transfer of materials into the warehouse, out of the warehouse, or from one storage bin to another storage bin within the warehouse.  Transfer order is instruction to actually move materials from a source storage bin to a destination storage bin in a warehouse complex at a specified time. Upon creation of TO, the system determines all the bins in the warehouse that are affected by the goods movement i.e, source storage bin, destination storage bin etc.

6)     What is put away strategy in SAP WM?

The put away strategy in SAP WM is associated with putting goods away in storage bin in the warehouse. There are different types of put-away strategy in SAP WM which can be used as per the requirements. Below is the list of put away strategies used in SAP WM.

—  Fixed Bin Strategy (F): This strategy is used when a material is to be stored in a fixed bin in a storage type.
—  Next empty bin Strategy (L): For this putaway strategy, the system proposes the next empty bin
—  Open Storage Strategy (C): Open storage is a type of warehouse organization in which you define a single storage bin for a storage section.
—  Addition to existing bin Strategy (I): In this strategy, the system places goods in storage bins that already contain the same material
—  Pallets Strategy (P): In this strategy, one storage bin is divided into several smaller sections
—  Manual put away according to user entry Strategy (Blank): In this strategy, system does not use a strategy to search for a storage bin. The user can enter the storage bin when the transfer order is created.
—  User-defined put away Strategy (user-exit): SAP allows the customization of put away of material depends upon the business scenarios. 

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