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Spark Development Training

30 Hours
Online Instructor-led Training
USD 1399 (USD 2800)
Save 50% Offer ends on 30-Jun-2024
Spark Development Training course and certification
95 Learners

About this Course

Welcome to Uplatz, the biggest IT & SAP training provider in Europe!
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Course Deliverables
    Workshop style coaching
    Interactive approach
    Course material
    POC Implementation
    Hands on practice exercises for each topic
    Quiz at the end of each major topic
    Tips and techniques on Cloudera Certification Examination
    Linux concepts and basic commands
    On Demand Services
    Mock interviews for each individual will be conducted on need basis
    SQL basics on need basis
    Resume preparation and guidance
    Interview questions

Spark Development Training

Course Details & Curriculum
Scala Basics
    What is Scala?
    Why Scala for Spark?
    Intro to Scala REPL : Journey from Java to Scala
    Installing Scala IDE
    Basic Operations
    Defining Functions

Scala Essentials
    Control Structures in Scala
    loops – ForEach, While, Do-While
    Collections – Array, ArrayBuffer, Map, Tuples, Lists
    If Statements
    Conditional Operators
    Enumerations

OOP and FP
    Class and Object Basics
    Scala Constructors
    Nested Classes
    Visibility Rules
    Overriding Methods
    Functional Programming
    Higher Order Functions
    Traits
    Interfaces
    Layered Traits

Prerequisite: BigData and Hadoop Framework

    Introduction to BigData
    Challenges with Bigdata
    Batch Vs. Realtime processing
    Overview- Hadoop Ecosystem
    HDFS
    Review of MapReduce
    Hive
    Sqoop
    Flume

Introduction to Spark
    What is Spark?
    Spark Overview
    Setting up environment
    Using Spark Shell
    Spark Web UI

Spark Basics
    RDD's
    Spark Context
    Spark Ecosystem
    In-Memory data – Spark

Working with RDD's
    Creating, Loading and Saving RDD
    Transformations in RDD
    Actions in RDD
    Key-Value Pair RDD
    MapReduce and Pair RDD operations
    RDD Partitions

Writing and Deploying Spark Applications
    Spark Applications vs. Spark Shell
    Creating Spark Context
    Building a Spark Application
    Running a Spark Application
    Spark and Hadoop Integration-HDFS
    Handling Sequence Files

Spark RDD
    RDD Lineage
    RDD Persistence Overview
    Distributed Persistence

Spark Streaming
    Spark Streaming Architecture
    First Spark Streaming Programming
    Transformations in Spark Streaming

Spark MLlib
   1. What is Machine Learning?
   2. ML library for Spark
   3. Algorithms
          Statistics
          Classification
          Regression
          Clustering
          Collaborative Filtering

Spark SQL
    Overview on Hive
    Spark SQL Architecture
    SQLContext in Spark SQL
    Working with DataFrames
    Example for Spark SQL
    Integrating Hive and Spark SQL
    DataFrames and RDD's
    Knowing JSON and Parquet File Formats
    Loading of data
    Comparing Spark SQL,Impala and Hive-on-Spark

    Overview of GraphX
    Data Visualisation in Spark
    Common Spark use-cases

Performance Tuning
    Shared Variables: Broadcast Variables
    Shared Variables: Accumulators
    Common Performance Issues
    Performance tuning tips
Career Path

Prerequisite: SCALA for Spark

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