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30 Hours
Online Instructor-led Training
USD 2800
SSRS course and certification
206 Learners

About this Course

This is comprehensive training on SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) offered by Uplatz.
SSRS training provides you deep knowledge of core concepts and features of SSRS so as to empower you to apply them in practical scenarios and projects.



Overview SSRS 

SSRS Course is designed for students to have complete understanding of Report Life Cycle. All the topics are explained by giving requirement and providing solution which help the student to understand the concepts in a better way. 

Course Objectives 

• Describe SQL Server mobile reports 

SSRS• Prepare data for mobile reports 

• Publish mobile reports 

• Describe key concepts in business intelligence 

• Describe the Microsoft BI platform 

• Describe key concepts in reporting services 

• Describe data connections and connection strings 

• Describe filters and parameters 

• Create a report using the report wizard 

• Show data graphically 

• Implement filters and parameters 

• Implement sorting and grouping 

• Publish a report 

Module 1: Introduction to Business Intelligence and Data Modeling 

In this module students will be introduced to the key concepts in business intelligence, and the 

Microsoft BI product suite. 


• Introduction to business intelligence 

• The Microsoft business intelligence platform 

• Introduction to reporting services 

Lab: Exploring an enterprise BI solution 

Module 2: Reporting Services Data 

Describe various Report Services data sources and how these are configured. 


• Data sources 

• Connection strings 

• Datasets 

• Filters and parameters 

Lab: Configuring a data connection 

Module 3: Implementing reports 

Create reports with report designer or report builder. 


• Creating a report with the report wizard 

• Creating a report 

• Showing data graphically in a report 

Lab: Creating a report 

Module 4: Configuring reports 

This module describes how to configure reports with report builder or report designer. 


• Implementing filters and parameters 

• Implementing sorting and grouping 

• Publishing a report 

Lab: Create and Publish reports that include parameters 

Module 5: API Based reports 

This module describes How to read for REST API / JSON File / XML Service 


• Use api as a data source 

• create and publish a report 

Lab: Create and Publish reports that include data from rest api 

Module 6: Creating Mobile Reports 

• Overview of SQL Server mobile reports 

• Preparing data for mobile reports 

• SQL Server Mobile report publisher 

Lab: Working with mobile reports 

Module 7: Deployment 

• Overview of SSRS Development 

• Configuration of Report Server 

• Deploying SSRS project 

• Configure Connections in Reporting Services 

• Caching of Data Set 

• Subscription 

Lab: Deploying and Configuring SSRS Reports 

Module 8: Administration 

• Manage Folder 

• Security and User Access 

• Adding and Removing User 

• Customized Security Access at folder and report level 

• Configure Connections in Reporting Services 

Lab: Administration of SSRS Reporting Server 

Module 9: Overview of PowerBI 

• PowerBI Desktop and Powerbi service 

• Licensing in powerbi service 

• Create a basic report 

• publish a report and share and collabration 

Lab: Create a report in powerbi



Course Details & Curriculum

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