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Tableau Certification Training

40 Hours
Online Instructor-led Training
USD 1399 (USD 2800)
Save 50% Offer ends on 31-Jul-2024
Tableau Certification Training course and certification
85 Learners

About this Course
Tableau is a ground-breaking data visualization tool created by Tableau Software (now acquired by Salesforce). Tableau can easily connect with any type of data source, whether it is beb-based data, excel or csv files, relational or hybrid databases such as oracle, sql server, or any enterprise data warehouse. Many government organisations, academic researchers and business professionals use Tableau for data visual analysis.
Tableau helps business professionals to apply data visualization and analytics in making business decisions. It empowers enterprises to stay up-to-date with the latest data and trends related to its customers, suppliers, processes, sales, and so on. Tableau has visual-based, intuitive, interactive data exploration experience to help its customers in visualizing the data.


Uplatz offers comprehensive course on Tableau. This is an online instructor-led training provided by our elite panel of tutors. The Tableau course mainly focuses on helping students learn Tableau skills like analytics, visualisation building and dashboards. You will learn implementing important techniques and concepts involved in Tableau. Along with the course you will also have access to our training platform access so that you can practice practical real-life scenarios and master data blending, data aggregation and connectivity. Tableau training course also aims to prepare you for Tableau Certification.


Objectives of Tableau Certification Training

  • Gain ability to build interactive Dashboards and Tableau Statistics
  • Master data connections with organizing and simplifying data
  • Become an expert in Annotations and Spatial Analysis
  • Attain proficiency in using charts including S Gantt, Waterfall, and Box Plots
  • Expertise in Fundamental Calculations, Ad-hoc Analytics, and LOD Calculations

Tableau Certification Training

Course Details & Curriculum

Lesson 1: Introduction to Data Visualization

·       Elements of Visualization
·       Dashboards
·       Tableau Desktop
·       Application Terminology
·       Visual Cues for Fields
·       Connecting to Data-Basics
·       Connecting to Excel
·       Bar Chart
·       Stacked Bar Chart
·       Line Chart
·       Multi Line Chart
·       Area Chart

Lesson 2: Basics Graphs

·       Pie Chart
·       Scatter Plot
·       Trend Lines
·       Filled Map
·       Symbol Map
·       Forecasting
·       Word Cloud
·       Tree Map
·       Packed Bubble
·       Dual Line Chart
·       Histogram
·       Side by Side Bar Chart
·       Highlight Table
·       Grand Totals
·       Cross Tab
·       Normal Tables
·       Multi Measure Tables

Lesson 3: Joins in Tableau

·       Joining Conditions
·       Multi Table Joins

Lesson 4: Editing Metadata

·       Duplicating Columns
·       Renaming Columns
·       Aliases
·       Creating Calculated Fields
·       Default Aggregation
·       Data Type Conversion

Lesson 5: Hierarchy and Groups

·       Creating Hierarchy
·       Creating Static Groups
·       Using Functions in Creating Groups

Lesson 6: Sorting in Tableau

·       Sorting Options in Tableau
·       Combined Fields to Sort Multi-dimension Graph
·       Sorting Priorities

Lesson 7: Dual Axis Graphs

·       Dual Line Charts
·       Side by Side Bar Chart
·       Use of Measure Name and Measure Values
·       Multiline Chart
·       Donut Chart and Map
·       Pie Chart and Map


Tableau Desktop 9 Qualified Associate, Tableau Desktop 9 Certified Professional, Tableau 10 Delta exam

Tableau certifies professionals on its products like Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server. Tableau certification is particularly designed for providing a strong boost to your career. Getting the required knowledge at professional level in Tableau including dashboards, analytics and building visualizations is the main motive of this certification.


Tableau Desktop Certification Types

1.     Tableau Desktop 9 Qualified Associate

2.     Tableau Desktop 9 Certified Professional

3.     Tableau 10 Delta exam


Tableau Desktop 9 Qualified Associate Certification


More than 5 months experience in Tableau Desktop to take up Tableau Desktop 9 Qualified Associate


Exam Details

1.     Registration fee is about USD 250

2.     Exam time duration is about 120 minutes

3.     There is about 16 knowledge questions and 18 hands on experience questions

4.     Exam Pattern is Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), Multiple response, True or False, Matching

5.     75% is the passing score 


Tableau Desktop 9 Qualified Professional Certification


More than 9 months experience in Tableau Desktop to take up Tableau Desktop 9 Professional Associate Title of Tableau Desktop 9 Qualified Associate Certification


Exam Details

1.     Registration fee is about USD 600

2.     Exam time duration is 3 hours

3.     Exam pattern is Hands-on experience, written response, building/saving solutions short essay (Subjective questions)

4.     Passing score - Pass/Fail depends on detailed scoring rubric and Tableau desktop practices 


Tableau Desktop Delta 10 Certification


Tableau Desktop 9 Qualified Associate or Tableau Desktop 9 Certified Professional


Exam Details

1.     Registration fee is about USD 125

2.     Exam time duration is 60 minutes

3.     Number of Questions is 16

4.     Exam pattern is Multiple choice, multiple response, true/false, hands-on

5.     Passing score is 75%



Job Prospects

  • There is an increasing demand for Tableau professionals with huge offers. According to indeed.com, the average salary of Tableau professionals is $106,000
  • Recent researches on job vacancies disclose that leading companies like Dell, Facebook, NetJets, Applied Systems, Groupon, General Motors, University of California, Bank of America, Booz Allen Hamilton, Sony Electronics, and so on, need skilled Tableau professionals
  • By mastering data aggregation, data blending and connectivity with Tableau you can deliver better solutions to companies in the Business Intelligence stream

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