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Diploma in Business Analysis

Diploma Course Price: USD 980 Diploma in Business Analysis

Duration :   100

Courses included
Data Analysis in Python
Business Analysis Essentials


The job of a Business Analyst is to analyze a business domain and document its business, processes, or systems, assessing the business model and also its integration with technology. In various organizations a Business Analyst is needed n order to reach optimal performance and maintain a competitive edge, it’s essential for brands to gather, analyze, and put these big data sets to good use.

There is a great career opportunity for business analysts in the market. Sound knowledge of domain area and understanding of analytical tools and experience in database management can lead to a promising career in Business analysis. 

Business analysts, also known as management analysts, work for all kinds of businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies. While job functions can vary depending on the position, the work of business analysts involves studying business processes and operating procedures in search of ways to improve an organization's operational efficiency and achieve better performance. Business analysts work with management to devise new or enhanced systems and work processes designed to reduce or eliminate inefficiencies, reduce costs, and improve the firm's competitive position in the market.  

Roles and Responsibilities of a Business Analyst:

•   Assisting with the business case

•   Planning and monitoring

•   Eliciting requirements

•   Requirements organization

•   Translating and simplifying requirements

•   Requirements management and communication

•   Requirements analysis

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