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Diploma in Cloud Engineering

Diploma Course Price: USD 980 Diploma in Cloud Engineering

Courses included
AWS Technical Essentials Training
AWS Architect Training
Google Cloud Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure
Microsoft Azure Fundamentals
Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies/AZ-300


Cloud engineers are responsible for many of the technological aspects of a cloud computing infrastructure and sketch. Their tasks might include designing, managing, maintaining and supporting cloud initiatives together with other team members - cloud architects and security engineers.

The shift to the cloud has been so constant that it has left a lot of companies with skills space they are struggling to fill with professionals who have cloud experience. So this is a great time to be a cloud engineer.


Roles and Responsibilities of a Cloud Engineer are:

• Optimizing costly server setups

• Monitoring and governing complete infrastructure

• Taking care of security

• Conveniently scaling up and down


Career Track courses are specifically selected to help you gain the required core skills to follow a particular career track. The courses under the Cloud Engineer career track are hand-picked and designed to let you jump the bandwagon of growth in cloud engineering ultimately leading to a successful career in this area.

Uplatz also will award you a Course Completion Certificate on successful completion of all the courses under the Cloud Engineer career track.