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Diploma in Data Engineering

Diploma Course Price: USD 980 Diploma in Data Engineering

Courses included
Informatica Powercenter
Oracle DBA Certification Training
Oracle PL-SQL Programming
SAS Enterprise Guide
SAP Data Services


Data Engineers increase and maintain infrastructures that permit for the collection and storage of data. This is an important role for any company that relies on data to tell them an account about their operations, their customers and potential customers, which most do. Modern companies rely on data, for their customers and their competitors to stay significant and at the forefront in the market.

A Data Engineer is a precious profession in the IT world and beyond. A Data Engineer is an architect who puts in place the structure needed to retrieve, store and manage immense amounts of data. It is a highly-technical role as well as highly-collaborative. Those interested in a Data Engineer career path should be well-versed in current and emerging technologies.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Data Engineer are:

• The creation and maintenance of large-scale data structures that help users generate, store and manage big data.

• The development of tests that allow for the data warehouses to be deemed reliable.

• The design and deployment of more sound data architecture to replace faulty structures.

• Communicating with team members and other colleagues and managers progress on big data structures using the proper verbiage per audience.

• Keeping business needs in mind when collaborating on and designing data structures.

• Using cutting-edge technologies and common scripting languages.

Career Track courses are specifically selected to help you gain the required core skills to follow a particular career track. The courses under the Data Engineer career track are hand-picked and designed to let you jump the bandwagon of growth in the data engineering field ultimately leading to a successful career by starting from scratch.

Uplatz will award you a Course Completion Certificate on successful completion of all the courses under the Data Engineer career track.