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SAS Enterprise Guide

30 Hours
Online Instructor-led Training
USD 2800
SAS Enterprise Guide course and certification
318 Learners

About this Course

This course is an introduction to Enterprise Guide Software, a point and click interface to the SAS System. After the course, attendees will be able to use Enterprise Guide to create projects, access, manage and manipulate their data, construct queries, run tasks, create and customise graphs and produce process flow diagrams.

This course is presented in SAS Enterprise Guide 7.1 and is relevant to Enterprise Guide versions 4.3 and above.

Target Audience

This course is designed for Computer Users as an introduction to Enterprise Guide software.

SAS Enterprise Guide

Course Details & Curriculum

E1 lntroduction

  • What is SAS?
  • What is SAS Enterprise Guide?
  • An Example SAS Enterprise Guide Project
  • Introduction to the Environment
  • Opening and Viewing Data
  • What is a Library?
  • Workshop Session

E2 Enterprise Guide Projects

  • Project Handling
  • Process Flow Window
  • Workshop Session

E3 Working with Tasks

  • Overview of Tasks
  • Selecting Data for Tasks
  • Adding Tasks to a Project
  • Assigning Variables to Roles and Running Tasks
  • Viewing Task Output and Logs
  • Workshop Session

E4 Managing Data

  • Opening Data in Enterprise Guide
  • Importing Data into Enterprise Guide
  • Exporting Data from Enterprise Guide
  • Creating and Applying Formats
  • Manipulating Data
  • Workshop Session

E5 Querying and Joining Data

  • Filter and Sort vs Query Builder and Sort Tasks
  • Introduction to the Query Builder
  • Joining Tables
  • Workshop Session

E6 Computing New Columns

  • Creating Computed Columns
  • Computing Summary Statistics
  • Calculations with Date and Time
  • Additional Query Builder Options
  • Workshop Session

E7 Describing and Reporting Data

  • Describing Data
  • Visualising Data
  • Creating a Report from Existing Results
  • Workshop Session

E8 Automating Projects

  • Autoexec
  • Task Template
  • Prompts
  • Conditional Processing

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