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SAS Fraud Management: Using SAS Rules Studio

30 Hours
Online Instructor-led Training
USD 2800
SAS Fraud Management: Using SAS Rules Studio course and certification
318 Learners

About this Course

This course provides an introduction to SAS Rules Studio, a component of SAS Fraud Management. You learn how to write rule code and test its effectiveness.

Learn how to
  • write or revise rule code
  • assess the impact of rules
  • determine whether the rule logic detects fraud effectively.
Target Audience

Rule writers, business analysts, administrators, project managers, IT personnel

SAS Fraud Management: Using SAS Rules Studio

Course Details & Curriculum
Overview of SAS Fraud Management
  • the architecture of SAS Fraud Management
  • user interface and roles
Introduction to Rules
  • rules overview
  • life cycle of a rule
  • estimation
  • transaction overview
  • transaction memory
User Variables and Segments
  • user variable segments
  • variables in SAS Fraud Management
Rule Actions
  • SAS Fraud Management macros
  • rule firing
Lookup Lists
  • analyst list
  • lookup lists
  • creating lookup lists
  • accessing lookup lists
Rule Development
  • writing a rule using the guided approach
  • writing a rule using the Code Editor
  • more about writing rules
Additional Topics
  • deploying rules
  • exporting rules
  • importing rules

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