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SAS Inventory Optimization 5.1: Using the Solution

30 Hours
Online Instructor-led Training
USD 1399 (USD 2800)
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SAS Inventory Optimization 5.1: Using the Solution course and certification
318 Learners

About this Course

At the conclusion of this course, students will be able to explain how using the feature and function of SAS Inventory Optimization 5.1 will enhance their ability to calculate optimal inventory replenishment policies based on user-specified constraints thus enabling them to maintain customer service levels while minimizing average total costs.

Learn how to
  • leverage the inventory analysis workspace to identify outliers based on key inputs such as lead time and service level
  • use the scenario development workspace to understand the impact that changes to input variables could have on overall network cost
  • use the order suggestion workspace to evaluate, lock, and promote orders.
Target Audience

end users of the SAS Inventory Optimization solution, typically inventory analysts and buyers

SAS Inventory Optimization 5.1: Using the Solution

Course Details & Curriculum
Preparing to use the Solution
  • key features and benefits
  • inventory optimization fundamentals
  • personas and roles
Using the Inventory Analysis Workspace
  • navigation
  • using the inventory details view
  • managing alerts
Using the Scenario Development Workspace
  • scenario creation and analysis
  • scenario management and promotion
Using the Order Suggestion Workspace
  • viewing replenishment details
  • managing plan locks
  • managing order suggestions
  • promoting orders
Additional Topics / Closing Considerations

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