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Workshop: SAS Data Integration Studio

30 Hours
Online Instructor-led Training
USD 1399 (USD 2800)
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Workshop: SAS Data Integration Studio course and certification
318 Learners

About this Course
This workshop is delivered  . To begin with the focus is on registering data and organising the metadata environment. The workshop then moves on to cover the most important DI Studio transformations; and then the development of jobs using those transformations, in some cases in conjunction with user-written SAS code. Efficiency, maintenance, impact analysis, change management and job scheduling are also covered.

Target Audience

This workshop is designed for Computer Users familiar with the SAS® System and who wish to learn how to build and maintain jobs using SAS Data Integration Studio.

Workshop: SAS Data Integration Studio

Course Details & Curriculum

DI 1 Introduction to Data Integration Studio

  • Overview
  • Metadata
  • Metadata in SAS Management Console
  • Metadata-based software development in DI Studio
  • The DI Studio Interface
  • Metadata folder structure
  • A quick look at a job

DI 2 Registering Data

  • Introduction
  • Registering a library
  • Registering existing tables
  • Registering target tables
  • Naming conventions for tables
  • Table metadata and the physical table
  • Registering external files

DI 3 DI Studio Transformations

  • Transformations available
  • Extract
  • SQL Join
  • Table Loader
  • Sort
  • Append
  • Splitter
  • List Data
  • Lookup
  • Data Validation

DI 4 DI Studio Jobs

  •  Job generalities
  •  Naming conventions
  •  Job Editor options
  •  Details Panel
  •  Running jobs

DI 5 Further Transformations

  • The SCD Type 1 Loader
  • The Loop and Loop End transforms, and looping jobs
  • The SCD Type 2 Loader
  • The Conditional Start and Conditional End transforms, and conditional jobs

DI 6 Including User Code

  •    Ways of including user code in a job
  •    User-Written Code Node
  •    Precode and Postcode
  •    Custom Transforms

DI 7 Change Management

  •    Why use Change Management?
  •    Creating a Project Repository
  •    Using a Project Repository
  •    Change Management Hints and Tips

DI 8 Program Development and Maintenance

  • Making jobs easy to promote between environments
  • Making jobs easy to modify and maintain
  • Modifying a job to use different tables
  • Modifying a job in other ways
  • Running parts of a job
  • The Code Editor
  • Tables or Views?
  • Macros and formats
  • Impact Analysis and Reverse Impact Analysis

DI 9 Deployment and Scheduling

  • Deployment and Scheduling Basics
  • Deploying jobs
  • Re-deploying jobs
  • Building job flows
  • Scheduling flows

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