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Interview Questions - JavaScript

JavaScript is among the most powerful and flexible programming languages of the web. Prepare for JavaScript / Web Developer interviews and get hired.
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This video course by Uplatz focuses on commonly asked interview questions on JavaScript.


JavaScript is a lightweight, interpreted programming language. It is designed for creating network-centric applications. It is complimentary to and integrated with Java. JavaScript is very easy to implement because it is integrated with HTML. It is open and cross-platform. JavaScript is among the most powerful and flexible programming languages of the web. It powers the dynamic behavior on most websites. JavaScript is a must for students and working professionals to become a great Software Engineer specially when they are working in web development domain.


Are you seeking for a career as a software engineer or a JavaScript developer? This is the course you've been looking for! This course is particularly designed to help you prepare for any upcoming JavaScript coding interviews. Interviews for programmers are notorious for being stressful and demanding, but they don't have to be! Preparation is the key to a successful coding interview. This course will help you prepare for coding interviews by covering the three most crucial topics: data structures, algorithms, and practise interview questions.


The data structures, algorithms, and interview questions we'll go through in this course are all based on real-world interviews with actual firms. The goal of this course is not for you to memorise the exercises, but rather for you to obtain a thorough grasp of how the javascript code works below the hood. You will be able to succeed in any interview questions that you may be asked in real life if you truly grasp how the code works. The goal of this course is for you to master the critical skills, tactics, and ideas that will help you thrive in any real-world interview questions. When you finish this course, you will have a solid grasp of data structures, algorithms, and interview questions, but more significantly, you will have mastered the ideas, skills, and approaches that will enable you to thrive in any other interview questions. You'll have a lot more confidence heading into any JavaScript interviews you have.


These Java Script Interview Questions & Answers by Uplatz have been designed specially to get you acquainted with the nature of questions you may encounter during your interview for the subject of Java Script.  Normally questions start with some basic concept of the subject and later they continue based on further discussion and what you answer. This most commonly asked interview questions and answers bank will help you crack job interviews on JavaScript roles such as JavaScript Developer, Web Programmer, Full Stack Web Developer, and so on. The questions covers prominent JavaScript topics such as introduction to JavaScript, conditionals, functions, scope, arrays, loops, iterators, objects, classes, browser compatibility and transpilation, modules, promises, async-await, requests, and more.

Course/Topic - Interview Questions - JavaScript - all lectures

  • In this JavaScript Interview Questions tutorial, you will get to know about the different questions being asked by the interviewers in an interview and their answers regarding JavaScript like What is JavaScript, the difference between JavaScript and JScript, how to add JavaScript onto a web page among many others which will help you in clearing any JavaScript interview and get a high paid job in an organization.

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Course Objectives Back to Top

Be extremely well prepared for any javascript programming interviews you may have 

Perform admirably on a broad range of javascript interview questions 

Learn and grasp how algorithms operate and how to code them out

How to write out crucial data structures in JavaScript 

Create your own, bespoke algorithms that can do any task you want

If you want to become a JavaScript professional and are preparing for a job interview, then this JavaScript interview questions and answers guide will help you land your dream job.

It will also help you understand the fundamental concepts of JavaScript.

It will help you get your dream come true if you dreamt of your job as a JavaScript Programming developer or JavaScript programming sector.


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Certification Back to Top

The  JavaScript Certification ensures you know planning, production and measurement techniques needed to stand out from the competition. 

According to the Java platform official website, the main difference between Java and JavaScript is that Java is an OOP programming language while JavaScript is an OOP programming script. JavaScript code is written completely in text and need only be interpreted. Java, on the other hand, must be compiled.

JavaScript is a text-based programming language used both on the client-side and server-side that allows you to make web pages interactive. Where HTML and CSS are languages that give structure and style to web pages, JavaScript gives web pages interactive elements that engage a user.

If you definitely do not like front-end work, it is possible to find a job with only JavaScript, but it's an unusual path. You will likely have an easier time finding a role if you learn a different server-side language like Python or Go as well as JavaScript.

Uplatz online training guarantees the participants to successfully go through the JavaScript Certification provided by Uplatz. Uplatz provides appropriate teaching and expertise training to equip the participants for implementing the learnt concepts in an organization.

Course Completion Certificate will be awarded by Uplatz upon successful completion of the JavaScript online course.

Career & Jobs Back to Top

The JavaScript draws an average salary of $140,000 per year depending on their knowledge and hands-on experience.

A JavaScript developer also works together with other front end web developers who specialize in the markup and styling of applications. JavaScript developer is responsible for the programming and development of applications. He is also responsible for: Developing and enhancing the main front end platform website.

With a strong JavaScript foundation, you can transition into a lot of other professions like becoming a front-end and back-end web developer, mobile app developer, and machine learning engineer. Undoubtedly, becoming a JavaScript developer will make you highly employable and offer you great earning potential.

Yes you can get a job even if you only know JavaScript. However it needs to be the latest version and you should know how to use it efficiently. Which means most you must be knowing about promises, async await, ajax calls, etc.

Note that salaries are generally higher at large companies rather than small ones. Your salary will also differ based on the market you work in.

JavaScript Developer.

Software Developer.

JavaScript Lead.

Sr. JavaScript Developer.


Interview Questions Back to Top

1) What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a scripting language. It is different from Java language. It is object-based, lightweight, cross-platform translated language. It is widely used for client-side validation. The JavaScript Translator (embedded in the browser) is responsible for translating the JavaScript code for the web browser. More details.

2) List some features of JavaScript.

Some of the features of JavaScript are:

o   Lightweight

o   Interpreted programming language

o   Good for the applications which are network-centric

o   Complementary to Java

o   Complementary to HTML

o   Open source

3) Who developed JavaScript, and what was the first name of JavaScript?

JavaScript was developed by Brendan Eich, who was a Netscape programmer. Brendan Eich developed this new scripting language in just ten days in the year September 1995. At the time of its launch, JavaScript was initially called Mocha. After that, it was called Live Script and later known as JavaScript.

4) List some of the advantages of JavaScript.

Some of the advantages of JavaScript are:

o   Server interaction is less

o   Feedback to the visitors is immediate

o   Interactivity is high

o   Interfaces are richer

5) List some of the disadvantages of JavaScript.

Some of the disadvantages of JavaScript are:

o   No support for multithreading

o   No support for multiprocessing

o   Reading and writing of files is not allowed

o   No support for networking applications.

6) Define a named function in JavaScript.

The function which has named at the time of definition is called a named function. For example

1.     function msg()  

2.     {  

3.       document.writeln("Named Function");  

4.     }  

5.     msg();  

7) Name the types of functions

The types of function are:

o   Named - These type of functions contains name at the time of definition. For Example:

1.     function display()  

2.     {  

3.       document.writeln("Named Function");  

4.     }  

5.     display();  

o   Anonymous - These type of functions doesn't contain any name. They are declared dynamically at runtime.

1.     var display=function()  

2.     {  

3.       document.writeln("Anonymous Function");  

4.     }  

5.     display();  

8) Define anonymous function

It is a function that has no name. These functions are declared dynamically at runtime using the function operator instead of the function declaration. The function operator is more flexible than a function declaration. It can be easily used in the place of an expression. For example:

1.     var display=function()  

2.     {  

3.       alert("Anonymous Function is invoked");  

4.     }  

5.     display();  

9) Can an anonymous function be assigned to a variable?

Yes, you can assign an anonymous function to a variable.

10) In JavaScript what is an argument object?

The variables of JavaScript represent the arguments that are passed to a function.

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