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Apache Solr

20 Hours
Self-paced Training (pre-recorded videos)
USD 17 (USD 140)
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Apache Solr course and certification
15 Learners

About this Course

Apache Solr is an open source platform used to build search application and the applications built using Solr sophisticated and deliver high performance. It is a popular search platform for web sites as it can search for multiple sites & return a recommendation for related contents. Solr is used along with Hadoop and helps in finding the information from large source and for storage purpose.

Apache Solr provides full text search, enterprise-ready, flexible & extensible, provide an easy-to-use interface and highly scalable.

In this Apache Solr course by Uplatz, you will be able to learn the basics and introduction of fundamentals of search engines and Apache Lucene, analyser, demonstration of Lucene, the introduction of Apache Solr, advantage of Apache Solr over Apache Lucene and many more.


Apache Solr

Course Details & Curriculum

Fundamentals of Search Engine and Apache Lucene

Introduction to the search engine, the Apache Lucene, understanding the inverted index, documents and fields & documents.


Analyzers in Lucene

Introduction to the various query types available in Lucene and clear understanding of these.


Exploring Apache Lucene

Understanding the prerequisites for using Apache Lucene, learning about the querying process, analyzers, scoring boosting, faceting, grouping, highlighting, the various types of geographical and spatial searches, introduction to Apache Tika.


Apache Lucene Demonstration

Demonstration of the Apache Lucene workings.


Apache Lucene advanced

Understanding the Analyzer, Query Parser in Apache Lucene, Query Object, Stopword.


Advance topics of Apache Lucene (practical)

Understanding the various aspects of Apache Lucene like Scoring, Boosting, Highlighting, Faceting and Grouping.


Apache Solr

Introduction to Apache Solr, the advantages of Apache Solr over Apache Lucene, the basic system requirements for using Apache Solr, introduction to Cores in Apache Solr.


Apache Solr Indexing

Introduction to the Apache Solr indexing, index using built-in data import handler and post tool, understanding the Solrj Client and configuration of Solrj Client.


Solr Indexing continued

Demonstrating the Book Store use cases with Solr Indexing with practical examples, learning to build Schema, the field, field types, CopyField and Dynamic Field, understanding how to add, explore, update, and delete using Solrj.


Apache Solr Searching

The various aspects of Apache Solr search like sorting, pagination, an overview of the request parameters, faceting and highlighting.


Deep dive into Apache Solr

Understanding the Request Handlers, defining and mapping to search components, highlighting and faceting, updating managed schemas, request parameters hardwiring, adding fields to default search, the various types of Analyzers, Parsers, Tokenizers.


Apache Solr continued

Grouping of results in Apache Solr, Parse queries functions, fuzzy query in Apache Solr.


Extended Features

The extended features in Apache Solr, learning about Pseudo-fields, Pseudo-Joins, Spell Check, suggestions, Geospatial Search, multi-language search, stop words and synonyms.



Understanding the concept of Multicore in Solr, the creation of Multicore in Solr, the need of Multicore, Joining of data, Replication and Ping Handler.


Administration & SolrCloud

Understanding the SolrCloud, the concept of Sharding, indexing, and replication in Apache SolrCloud, the working of Apache SolrCloud, distributed requests, reading and writng slide fault tolerance, cluster coordination using Apache ZooKeeper.


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