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Bundle Course - SAP Technical (ABAP - BW4HANA - BO)

80 Hours
Self-paced Training (pre-recorded videos)
USD 350 (GBP 300)
Save 17% Offer ends on 30-Nov-2023
Bundle Course - SAP Technical (ABAP - BW4HANA - BO) course and certification
313 Learners

About this Course
Today SAP has completely changed the workflow of an organization. Using SAP software, companies are not getting their works done much faster, efficiently and even managing the daily transactions in a more organized way, leading them to better business growth. There are different modules of SAP and as an SAP consultant, one should have a proper understanding of the technical aspects of all the SAP modules.
In this SAP technical bundle course, Uplatz is offering a 3 in 1 course package covering the details on SAP ABAP, SAP BW4HANA and SAP BO.

: SAP Advanced Business Application Programming or ABAP is the default programming language for SAP applications. It is positioned with Java and is one of the main languages for SAP application server programming.

SAP BW4HANA: SAP BW4HANA is the next-gen data warehousing cloud solution built entirely on the SAP HANA platform.
SAP BO: SAP BO is a reporting and analytics tool developed on the SAP platform to make it easier for businesses to create and generate a report and make an assessment to visualize the insights.

The contents for the SAP Technical Bundle Course at Uplatz consists of:
Ø  Introduction to ABAP/4
Ø  Transport Organizer & Package Builder
Ø  Data Dictionary
Ø  Reporting
Ø  ABAP List Viewer
Ø  Interfaces
Ø  Conversion
Ø  Enhancements
Ø  Forms (Scripts & SMARTFORMS)
Ø  Object Oriented ABAP
Ø  Module Pool Programming
At the end of this course, Uplatz is providing a Certificate of Completion on successful completion of the course.

Bundle Course - SAP Technical (ABAP - BW4HANA - BO)

Course Details & Curriculum

SAP Technical Bundle Course



1. Introduction to ABAP/4

·        Introduction to ERP

·        Introduction to SAP/3, ABAP/4

·        ABAP Editor

·        System Landscapes

·        Data Types & Keywords

·        Output Statements

·        Arithmetic Operations

·        Relational Operations

·        Writing Small Programs

·        String Operations

·        Control Statements

·        Selection Screens

·        Open SQL Statements (Insert, Modify, Delete, Update)

·        Simple Reporting


2. Transport Organizer & Package Builder

·        Why to Transport?

·        Creation of a Task

·        What is a Transport Request?

·        Releasing of Request

·        Package Creation


3. Data Dictionary

·        Creation of Database Tables

·        Data Element & Data Domain

·        Structures & Table Types

·        Search Helps

·        Creation of Views

·        Type Groups

·        Creation of Foreign Keys

·        Check & Value Tables


4. Reporting

·        Debugging Techniques

·        Pillars of ABAP

·        Modularization Techniques

·        For All Entries & Joins

·        Events for Classical Reports

·        Events for Interactive Reports

·        Types of Messages & Message Class Creation


5. ABAP List Viewer

Introduction to ABAP List Viewer

Types of ABAP List Viewer

·        Function Module for List Display

·        Function Module for Grid Display

·        Interactive ALV (SLIS)


6. Interfaces

·        Introduction to Cross Applications

·        Working with RFC Function Modules

·        Overview of Business Objects

·        Creation of Business Objects

·        Creation of BAPI


7. Conversion

Why Data Transfer?

·        Introduction to BDC

·        Recording a Transaction

·        Methods in BDC

·        Flat File Creation

·        Uploading Data

·        LSMW (Legacy System Migration Workbench)


8. Enhancements

·        Introduction to Enhancements

·        User Exits

·        Customer Exits

·        Introduction to BAdIs (Business Add Ins)

·        Implementation of a BAdI

·        Overview of Enhancement Spots, Enhancement Sections, Enhancement Implementations, Class Enhancements


9. Forms (Scripts & SMARTFORMS)

·        Introduction to Scripts

·        Layout Sets

·        SAP Scripts Elements

·        Logo Inclusions

·        Working with SMARTFORMS

·        Standard Text

·        Graphics Managements

·        Writing Print Programs & Designing Layouts

·        Output Type Configuration to Standard Orders


10. Object Oriented ABAP

·        Fundamentals of Object Orientation

·        Introduction to Local Classes & Methods

·        Importance of Access Specifiers

·        Simple Reporting using Local Classes & Methods

·        Introduction to Global Classes & Interfaces

·        Uses of Global Classes in Reports


11. Module Pool Programming

·        Introduction to Module Pool

·        Flow Logic

·        Screen Designing

·        Programming in Object Browser

·        Creation of Table Controls

·        Dynamic Screens

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SAP Technical

Career Path

SAP ABAP Consultant
SAP BW Consultant
SAP BO Consultant

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