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Content Marketing

5 Hours
Self-paced Training (pre-recorded videos)
USD 140
Content Marketing course and certification
117 Learners

About this Course

Content marketing online course refers to the marketing form which focuses on building sales-related content, publish and distribute the marketing content to reach wide range of audience across internet. The content marketing online course intention is to share the marketing material or content built for target audience and shared through email, SMS, social media and applications.

Content marketing is a strategic and tactical marketing approach oriented towards creating and distributing relevant, valuable and user-focused content to acquire and retain intended audience. The primary objective of a sound content marketing strategy is to ultimately drive profitable customer action whether it be sales, sign-up, subscription, brand awareness, or anything else that is beneficial to the business.

Some of the key benefits of content marketing are:
-- Increased sales
-- Cost savings
-- Better customers who have more loyalty
-- User engagement
-- Brand awareness
-- More acquisitions & conversions

This content marketing training by Uplatz provides you in-depth knowledge of content marketing, content strategy & optimization, tools, methods, and technologies used in content marketing.


Course Objective

The content marketing training is intended for the individuals who seek to implement their knowledge, skills and expand their career as a content marketing professional. The dedicated mentors make sure the learners to cover all topics under content marketing curriculum which will be useful for their career growth. Uplatz offers accounts training to become a skilled content marketing professional.


Course Description

Content marketing course program will let the participants gain complete proficiency to create content and online material such as blogs, videos and social media posts to develop an intention for a customer to purchase product or services to reach their business goals and increase the sales and traffic.

The content marketing course is ideally developed for content writing marketing related professionals who require an understanding of sales, mobile application developers and social media strategies along with digital technologies. 

In the content marketing training course, Uplatz provides an in-depth training for the participants or learners to make them understand the experience of developing core skills to gear up related to content marketing professionals. 

The content marketing training course intention is to provide proper guidelines to build promotion based content to create an intention to get a product or service through  internet and other web sources as well.

With the help of content Marketing online course, the learners can:

  • Modify the sales process and promotion activities in an easy way

  • Build content based on sales strategy and customers mindset

  • Increase the usage of keywords in drafter content to gain sales

  • Find forecasts in social media and reach audience group through ads

  • Learn how to analyse your posted content

  • Learn whether the content is reaching the right set of target audience

  • Understand how to handle objections

  • Analyse the demands of the posted advertisements

  • Increase your traffic so you can sell to the same forecasts again & again

Uplatz provides an in-depth training to the learners to accelerate their knowledge and skill set required for a content marketing professional.



Target Audience

The content marketing training course is intended for the below mentioned target audience, still if you are a newbie and want to make a career as a content marketing professional then the content marketing training course is the best option you can choose.

  • Sales consultants

  • Content developers

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Digital marketers


Content Marketing

Course Details & Curriculum
·       What is content marketing
·       Get started with content marketing
·       Understanding content marketing in depth
·       The power of storytelling
·       Generating content ideas
·       Think out-of-the-box
·       Creating topic clusters and pillar pages
·       Keywords research
·       Maximize your reach with content marketing
·       How to effectively promote content
·       Planning a long-term content strategy
·       Building a content creation framework
·       Becoming an effective writer
·       Expanding the value of your content through repurposing
·       Measuring and analysing your content
·       Developing a growth marketing approach
·       Free tools for content marketing


Career Path

The content marketing certification course with the help of expert professionals training is recognized across the globe. Because of the increased adoption of the content-based marketing techniques in various companies the participants are able to find the job opportunity easily. The leading companies hire content marketing professional considering their skill in writing content to promote sales, product or service through mobile and digital media platforms.  The content marketing professional can pursue a wide range of career paths. 

The following are the job titles:

  • Content marketing developer

  • Content marketers

  • Content writer

  • Technical content writer

  • Mobile marketing developer


Job Prospects

The certified content marketing professional draws an average salary of $63,182 per year depending on the knowledge and hands-on experience. The certified content marketing professional roles are in high demand and make a rewarding career.


Interview Questions


  1. Define content marketing?

Content marketing refers to create content in order to improve sales and get wide reach through social media, and to meet the needs of target audience across the globe.

  1. Mention the medium of content marketing?

The source of content marketing are Blogs, Video, email, social media and mobile application.


  1. How does social media benefit a business?

Social media aids businesses in a variety of ways, the most important of which is establishing a relationship with customers. Social media is useful to enable customers or consumers to communicate directly with brands, changing the operational functionalities of an organization.


  1. Mention one strategy that will help you succeed as a social media marketer?

Genuineness is key. It is keen to be true and genuine inspite of the type of company you’re associated with, and their audience is businesses or consumers, it’s important to be loyal. By doing so, product or brands establish their trustworthiness to their audiences. 


  1. Mention the social media platforms should a business establish a presence?

The social media platform is chosen based on the type of company such as B2B or B2C.  


  1. What are the advantages of content marketing?

The advantages of using content marketing are:

  • Cost-effective

  • Easy to adapt

  • Keyword usage 

  • Instant communication

  • High click rate


  1. Mention the limitations of content marketing??

The limitations are:

  • Change rapidly

  • Difficult to measure the keyword usage

  • Not capable to switch to different platforms owing screen size in mobile

  1. Brief the mobile friendly technology?

Mobile friendly technology prefer to choose single-column template where we can post customer-friendly precise and concised subject lines with important key terms for quick reach.


  1. Mention some of the social media success tracking tools?

 It is so vital to track the social media success to know if you are on the right track or not and  what could be done to gain the performance. The pertinent metrics that could be used to track social media success are:

Google Analytics

Ideally used to measure how much traffic is being directed to your website from different social media channels.

Quality and relevancy of content

Ideally used to monitor the unique page views, total pages viewed, and the time spent on a page can be used to monitor the quality of content.

Observe the conversations about your company

The share of voice is nothing against chats about your company and your competitor’s. You are able to observe this by company’s discussions on social media platforms and the mentions of your competitor’s name on the same chat.

Tracking with Social CRM tool

Ideally used to track the total scope of community and association with the help of a social CRM tool.


  1. Define KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) impact on social media efforts?

There are varied key performance indicators like Video or SlideShare views, Social Connections, Traffic Data, Mentions, Comments, Likes, Shares, Demographics and Location, the number of active followers, and more.

The business owner need to identify and determine the reach and engagement of the company on social platforms. By tracking the right KPIs, the company will be able to make alterations to your social media budget and strategy.


  1.  Can we use Google+ in a business?

Google+ offers a unique tool ‘Hangouts’ which helps a business to provide video conversations with its followers at zero cost. If the business owners regularly share high-quality content on Google+, it will get indexed promptly and thus, it becomes easier for one to rank their website on target keywords.


  1. How to get high ranking with Google+?

With the help of +1s on Google+, the company will gain a greater chance to have a higher ranking on Google.  It is recommended to integrate the Google+ page with other platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and company’s website for better population.


  1.  What is RSS Feed and why it is critical?

RSS also known as Rich Site Summary. RSS is basically aa XML file. These feeds are used to  push content to company’s site and allow readers to subscribe to their feed.qu


  1. Mention the benefits of using RSS feed?

Benefits of the RSS Feed are

Helps you get broader audiences for the content.

It helps you in email subscriptions, feeding content to readers, and live bookmarking.


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