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Professional Training Program on Microsoft Project

30 Hours
Self-paced Training (pre-recorded videos)
Professional Training Program on Microsoft Project course and certification
12 Learners

About this Course

Professional Training Program on Project Planning, Scheduling & Monitoring Progress by using Microsoft Project. Training program will be on latest on latest version Microsoft Project Professional 2016


Professional Training Program on Microsoft Project

Course Details & Curriculum

Detail Contents of Training Program

                        Training program will be on latest on latest version Microsoft Project Professional 2016

Introduction - Introduction of project, planning & control System, History of Microsoft project software, Competitors & comparison, License copy & trial copy, System requirement, Software installation, Description on breakup of project, How to develop plan, schedule and control, Project Planning Management Concepts , Different types of network diagrams. Introduction of Microsoft Project online server and create project plan. How work with group or as team member on online server.

Network Diagrams, Critical Path Method (CPM) - Simple network diagrams along with events, activities or task, durations with example. Finding out predecessors & successors, Finding out immediate predecessors & successors, Finding out route to complete project, Finding out critical path of project, Microsoft Project screen introduction, Activities sequencing and estimate duration, Methods of creating projects & password, Project information & file properties, Project date formats , Project start date & finish date , Assigning, copying, deleting, pasting task, Task information, Example of critical path method.

Network Diagrams, Precedence Diagram Method (PDM) -Types of working relationship between task with examples, Multiday use of  working relationship, Types of LAG or delay, Types of timing of task starting & finishing EST, EFT, LST, LFT etc., Finding out free slack, negative slack, total slack with example.

Defining Calendar  - Base calendars & working timings, Assigning a calendars to project & tasks, Assigning holidays by exceptions in standard calendars & nonworking days into work days calendar options & elapsed duration, Recurring holidays & default working hours, Recommendation to use calendars durations, Elapsed duration, Creating, copying, renaming, sharing & deleting calendars. Global mpt.

Work Break Down Structure - How to prepare work breakdown structure (WBS), Organizing task into work break down, Indenting & out denting tasks, Methods of WBS creations, How to update WBS, Calculation of summary & task durations, Outline numbers & outline levels, Custom WBS codes, Milestone.

 Creating Resources - Types of resources & uses, how to prepare resource sheet, Creating resources in resource sheet, Resource information form, Resources availability & details, Resources cost variations

Assigning Resources - Fixed cost & fixed cost accrual, How to apply resource to each activity, Assigning resources using task information form, how material resources are being allocated, how cost resources are being allocated, and Assign resources to summary task, Task types & effort driven.

Resource Graph & Views  - Resource graph view & ‘S’ curve, Resource graph view with Gantt chart, Resource usage & task usage view, Task usage view, Split view & their uses.

Resolving Resource Overloading - Introduction to resource overloading, Methods of solving resource overloading, Methods of resource leveling, Resolving  resource peaks & conflicts, Resource leveling functions automatic & manual methods, Analyzing resource by leveling the resources using crashing, stretching and splitting. 

Constraints & Deadlines - Introduction & uses of constraints, Types constraints, Assigning of constraints to project & tasks, Introduction & uses working under deadlines, Assigning deadlines to tasks, Display of deadlines.

Filters & Grouping - Introduction & uses of filters, Types of filters, Filter display, Create & modification in filter, Auto filter, Introduction & uses of grouping, Types of groups & Group display, Create & modification in group.

Customization  - Format Column Definition, Formatting bars style & text in Gantt chart, Format layout, Format Gridlines & text style, Format time scale & zoom view, Format Gantt chart wizard etc.

Recurring - Introduction & uses of recurring task, creating recurring task for meetings, inspections, maintenance, Different format of Microsoft Project file.

Program Evaluation Review Technique (PERT) - Three time estimation, PERT chart & PERT formula, Expected Gantt chart.

Multiple Projects - Introduction & uses of multiple projects, Scheduling in multiple projects, Sharing resources and task with other projects, creating master schedule of projects etc.

Tracking The Project Progress  - Setting baseline & project status date, Inserting standard columns, Updating project manually & automatic, Gantt chart tracking view, Setting progress line, Comparing task by baseline & actual, Three methods of monitoring progress tracking by % complete, tracking without resources, tracking with resources.

Earned Value Analysis - Earn Value Management (EVM), Budgeted Cost for Work Schedule (BCWS), Budgeted Cost for Work Progress (BCWP), Actual Cost for Work Progress (ACWP), Schedule Variance (SV), Cost Variance (CV), Cost performance index (CPI), Scheduled performance index (SPI), To Complete Performance Index (TCPI), Typical earn value performance measurement (EVPM) chart.

Reports - Tabular repots, Visual reports, Resource histogram, Methods of developing reports according to industrial needs , S-Curve for cumulative cost & % complete, S-Curve for resources, Cash flow report, Cost & earned value report  etc.

Print Out Reports - Printing active view setting tips, Printing Gantt Chart tricks & traps, the reporting function print report, Printing commands Copy picture etc.

Queries & Resolutions – All quires and resolutions. Training manual/guide book of Microsoft Project.

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