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SAP Ariba Sourcing

10 Hours
Self-paced Training (pre-recorded videos)
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SAP Ariba Sourcing course and certification
56 Learners

About this Course

SAP Ariba Sourcing is a web-based RFX management tool that enables the user to manage the sourcing events remotely from the desktop. SAP Ariba sourcing is a cloud-based technology which is made use by organizations and suppliers. The global and multi-language abilities are one the key features which makes popular the ARIBA sourcing solution.

SAP Ariba sourcing targets suppliers to reduce the business supply costs and do the needful in beginning new firm. The Global delivery model increases the benefits from value levers such as best methodology, artefacts, tools).
SAP Ariba provides an open network and web-based applications to buy, sell and manage cash among B2B buyers and sellers. Though once a different entity, Ariba was acquired by SAP. The four areas of the SAP cloud application story are: money, people, customer and suppliers. Just as SuccessFactors is the core of the people segment, Ariba constitutes the core of the suppliers’ category. In addition, as part of SAP’s enterprise cloud strategy (i.e., applications, platform, infrastructure), Ariba serves as a global business network. It helps in discovering and collaborating with global organisations by combining cloud-based applications with internet trading groups.

In summary, SAP Ariba Sourcing is an instinctive, web-based RFX management tool that allows the users to create, implement and manage sourcing events right from your convenient place such as computer desktop. It is a cloud-based SAAS technology which is delivered on high demand.

Below listed are the salient features of SAP ARIBA Sourcing:

·       Zero monthly subscription fee
·       RFX creation and management
·       Ariba discovery integration
·       Supplier profile and response organization
·       Reporting

The SAP Ariba sourcing accepts currencies from all countries which proves its globalization is introduced amongst the huge community of suppliers to assist them in reducing supply costs and considerable risks while beginning a start-up business.

The increased adoption of ARIBA sourcing is transforming companies for better change and cash management. 

Uplatz offers in-depth training course on SAP Ariba Sourcing. This is video-based online course and covers features, configurations, and usage of SAP Ariba Sourcing module.


Course Objective

SAP Ariba Sourcing online Course is created to provide training to users who can make best use of the SAP Ariba Sourcing Software solution.
By the end of this training you will:

  • Acquire the relevant knowledge required to clear the SAP certification exam for SAP Ariba sourcing
  • Understand the core concepts of SAP Ariba module with focus on Ariba sourcing
  • Be able to apply the knowledge learned to progress in your career as SAP Ariba consultant

Target Audience

·       Application Consultants
·       SAP Consultants
·       SAP Ariba Consultants and Sourcing Professionals
·       Sourcing Managers
·       Any individual who can implement/manage SAP Ariba solution
·       SAP Procurement Professionals
·       Individuals involved or interested in sourcing and procurement


SAP Ariba Sourcing

Course Details & Curriculum
  • Introduction
  • Templates and Projects
  • Creating Events
  • Working with Excel
  • Scoring and Grading
  • Awarding and Optimization
  • Contracts and Sourcing Requests
  • Creating Auctions

SAP added the direct sourcing function wherein the PLM/ERP system can be integrated with Ariba sourcing to receive the requirements from exploded BOM. All such requirements will then be sourced by using Ariba sourcing and rest of the procurement process will be followed in Ariba or SAP back end.

ERP planning systems getting integrated to ASN to get the commit from Supplier over planning forecast to confirm future receipt else on uncommitted demand, planner can take advance action to avoid supply disruptions.


C_ARSOR_19Q2 (SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP Ariba Sourcing)

The SAP Certified Application Associate – SAP Ariba Sourcing is an online certified exam conducted by SAP, the best market leader in enterprise software. The SAP Ariba Sourcing online certification exam validates whether the candidate possesses basic knowledge and required skills in the area of SAP Ariba Sourcing Associate Application Consultant Profile. This course training makes sure to render overall understanding and can implement the learnt subject as a qualified member in real-time projects.

This certification proves that the candidate has an overall understanding and necessary technical skills to participate as a member of a project team in a mentored role. This certification exam is recommended as an entry level qualification to participate in SAP Ariba Sourcing design and implementation projects. Please note that this version of the exam takes part in the Stay Current with SAP Global Certification program. Once you pass this version of the exam, make sure that you start your stay current process. You will be required to take the quarterly Stay Current Assessment for all subsequent SAP Ariba releases to maintain your certification status and badge.


Career Path

The SAP Ariba Sourcing online certification course provides wide range of job opportunities owing its rapidly growing technology. The leading IT companies hire SAP Ariba Sourcing leaders because of the end to end automated solution to manage RFX, integration projects and much more related to cost efficiency.

The following are the prominent job titles in SAP Ariba Sourcing domain:

·       SAP Ariba Consultant
·       Sourcing Leader
·       Sourcing Analyst
·       Procurement Manager
·       Business Development Manager


Job Prospects

An SAP Ariba sourcing consultant draws a salary ranging between $125,812 to $182,500 per annum based on seniority level. Since efficient sourcing and procurement processes directly impact the cost structure of an organization, thus skilled Ariba consultants can save a lot for an organization, leading to great demand for SAP Ariba professionals.


Interview Questions


1.       Define sourcing?

The sourcing involves activities related to the purchase in favour of the company’s static business goals and able to implement the sourcing solution into the real-time projects.


2.       Define Global Sourcing?

Global sourcing is the procedure of sourcing from the global market for goods and business services across the world. The Global sourcing aim is to reach the global efficiencies in terms of product delivery or service.


3.       What should be the size of a company to get benefits from sourcing?

The company size does not determine the benefits of sourcing solution. It majorly depends on the product type and the range of precision. Most importantly, the assembly and packaging requirement analysis is a must.


4.       List out the different stages involved in sourcing process?

The different stages involved in sourcing process are:

·       Preliminary analysis

·       Market evaluation

·       Selecting the supplier

·       Implementation

·       Performance monitor


5.       List out the benefits of sourcing system?

The benefits of using sourcing solution are:

·       Non-language barrier

·       Reduce risk possibilities

·       No cultural difference and work on convenient time.


6.       List out the costs associated with sourcing?

·       Import duty

·       Trade Blocks

·       Cost of Capital

·       Merchandise carrying cost

·       Logistics expense


7.       What are the advantages of using cloud-based sourcing solution?

The main advantages of using cloud-based sourcing solution are:

·       Cost Reduction and efficiency maintained

·       Data security

·       Competitive edge

·       Globalization

·       Strategic sourcing


8.       Explain Ariba discovery?

Ariba Discovery is the premium service for finding right business buyers and sellers globally using the worlds most trusted business commerce network.


9.       What are the benefits of using sourcing solution in companies?

The organizations have maintained quality control, build relationship with suppliers. And globally merchandise the products across the world.


10.   Explain the advantage of SAP Ariba?

SAP Ariba provides end to end automated and cloud-based solution which helps the business to collaborate and function completely. It provides efficient spend management solution and reveal about the company’s expenditure and end users make better negotiations.


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