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30 Hours
Self-paced Training (pre-recorded videos)
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SAP HANA course and certification
565 Learners

About this Course

The SAP HANA is the upgraded ERP solution offered by SAP, which is an intersection of hardware and software which combines different components like SAP HANA database, SAP SLT, Replication server. HANA has increased adoption by the SAP customers.

SAP HANA is the in-memory database and platform which can be utilised on-premises or cloud. 

SAP HANA Training provides you an awesome opportunity to dive deep down into the world of big data and massive parallel computing. 

SAP HANA or High Performance Analytic Appliance is an In-Memory computing combines with a revolutionary platform to perform real time analytics and deploying and developing real time applications. It is also combined with pre tuned server, networking hardware and storage. HANA includes In-Memory Database to store the data and analyze larger volumes of transactional data in real time, an embedded web server and a control repository for application development. Some of the real time cases and uses of SAP HANA include
 Telecom Networks Monitoring and Optimization 
 Fraud Detection and Security 
 Forecast and Profitability Reports 

 Retail and Supply Chain Optimization 
 Energy Usage Monitoring and Optimization


Course Objective

The SAP HANA online certification course offered by SAP is intended for participants to understand concepts of SAP HANA and main memory computing, create data model using SAP HANA modelling tools, data provisioning and utilise HANA information models and execute applications on SAP HANA. 


Course Description

SAP HANA is known for its in-memory database technology containing various software and hardware components which makes it a complete suite for a unfied ERP system cum business application development. SAP HANA is an ERP tool which contains an in-memory HANA database, data modeling, data provisioning and HANA administration, making it a package.

It uses real-time data processing which pulls out data directly from the in-memory or main memory fastening the data retrieval operations. The HANA tool can be deployed on both on-cloud or on-premise supporting the real-time analytics. Another reason which makes SAP HANA the best competitor is that it makes use of large main memory (RAM), and multi-core processors which deals with huge data, and seamless experience. The multi-core processing engines has the ability to process data parallelly within different columns of the same database and return the processed data to the clients in specified time. 

SAP HANA is the first ever technology which is used for both OLTP and OLAP application processing. It means that you can use it for both transactional and analytical purposes. It is accomplished by extracting data from the transactional system like ERP, then interpreting the data to use for reporting and also, it provides query processing environment for both structured and unstructured data such as a relational database (tables) and other structured (texts, graphs) respectively. Thus, SAP HANA can be used in various ways such as SAP Business Warehouse, accelerators and native applications.



Target Audience

  • Application Consultant

  • Change Manager

  • Data Manager

  •  Data Consultant

  • Developer



Course Details & Curriculum
This course is the instructor led course giving you the complete experinece of same as classroom learning at extremely affordable cost. Server access is included to give you the practical experinece. Constant assignments will be given and mock interviews will be held.

By the end of this training you will:
- Acquire the relevant knowledge required to clear the SAP certification exam.
- Understand the core concepts of SAP’s HANA module.
- Be able to apply the knowledge learned to progress in your career as a SAP HANA consultant.

Objectives of SAP HANA Training course: 
 SAP HANA basics,features,architecture and terminology involved 
 Work on HANA Studio Modelers and gain expertise in modeling 
 Master SAP HANA Interface, client and connectivity 
 SAP HANA administration activities like managing users, storage and security 
 Master System Replication, data provisioning and ABAP Data flow 
 Configuring, reporting, monitoring & dashboard creation using SAP HANA 
 Work on real time and complex HANA projects 
 Writing SAP HANA queries and performance tuning 
 Ability to pass SAP HANA Certification

On completion of SAP HANA Training, you will be able to apply advanced concepts on SAP HANA into your work and can really push your career to new dimensions.
Contact us at info@uplatz.com or +44 7836 212635 to know more about this course and to know how it can help you build a strong career.
Career Path

The SAP HANA online certification course trained by expert professionals provides wide range of job opportunities owing its latest development solution. The leading companies hire SAP HANA developers to effectively develop native software applications. 

The following are the job titles:

  • SAP HANA modeler

  • SAP HANA consultant

  • SAP HANA architect

  • SAP HANA analyst

-- A basic knowledge and understanding of database & SQL 
-- Fair perceptive on IT environment

Job Prospects


The SAP HANA consultant draws an average salary of 136,500 dollar per year based on seniority level.


Interview Questions




  1. Define SAP HANA?

SAP HANA also known as High Performance analytical appliance is an in-memory computing engine. HANA is combined with ERP systems and manage development of native software applications.


  1. List out the two types of relational data stored in HANA?

The two types of relational data are:

  • Column store

  • Row store

  1. What does the persistence layer do in SAP HANA?

Persistence layer is helpful in preventing data without any loss and saves the data in non-volatile data base.


  1. List out the roles of modeling studio?

Modeling studio in HANA does multiple tasks such as:

  • Decides which table should be stored in HANA.

  • Deal with data services to pull in the data from SAP business warehouse and other supportive systems.

  • Utilise Data services for modeling.

  • Create modeling in HANA platform itself.

  1. List out the different compression techniques?

The different compression techniques are:

  • Run-length encoding

  • Cluster encoding

  • Dictionary encoding

  1. Define Latency?

Latency means the span of time to replicate the data from source to target system.


  1. Define Transformation rule?

Transformation rule is the advanced replication setting transaction for a source table.


  1. How to avoid storing un-necessary information?

To avoid storing un-necessary information, you need to pause the replication process by shutting down the schema related jobs.


  1. What does the master controller do in SAP HANA?

The job is listed out on demand basis and is used to:

  • Create database trigger

  • Log table into source systems

  • Form synonyms

  1. What happens if the replication process is paused for longer time duration?

If the replication process is suspended for longer duration, the size of the log table is increased.


  1. What does the transaction manager do?

The transaction manager is ideally responsible to co-ordinate database related transactions and saves a record of running and finished transactions.


  1. How does the user make use of SQL statement?

Each and every SQL statement is executed with reference of the transaction.


  1. List out the various components of SAP HANA?

The various components are:



  • SAP HANA studio

  • SAP HANA Appliance

  • SAP HANA Application Cloud


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