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SAP Leonardo

30 Hours
Self-paced Training (pre-recorded videos)
USD 17 (USD 140)
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SAP Leonardo course and certification
246 Learners

About this Course

The SAP Leonardo with the machine learning foundation is the base platform for machine learning and data science which allows customers, partners and SAP to form intelligent applications.

SAP Leonardo combines the most recent technologies and services into a single intelligent environment which allows invention by associating things with people and processes. SAP Leonardo assists the organization to upgrade with new technologies and integrate them in their business and analyse the solution flawlessly. Using the help of Leonardo’s available components and services, the organization implements latest digital technologies such as machine learning, Blockchain, Analytics, IoT and big data in forming a new working environment and redefine business processes to enhance scale, standard and productivity.


Course Objective

The SAP Leonardo online certification course offered by Uplatz is intended for participants to understand concepts of Leonardo which benefits any organization in developing intelligent applications, understand and learn machine learning and data science. SAP Leonardo which is significantly known for its capabilities of latest technology, use-cases and business application.

The SAP Leonardo online certified course is offered to help students:
·       Understand the topics and objectives of SAP Leonardo.
·       Make best use of the SAP Leonardo machine learning and data science technology.
·       Build intelligent applications.
·       Understand the new technological abilities.


Target Audience

·       Executive Managers
·       IT Professionals
·       Solution Consultants
·       Application Developers
·       Any professional interested in intelligent technologies and innovation


SAP Leonardo

Course Details & Curriculum
  • Introduction
    • The Intelligent Enterprise
    • SAP Leonardo
    • SAP Leonardo Internet of Things Overview
  • SAP Cloud Platform Internet of Things Service
    • IoT Service Onboarding
    • IoT Service Cockpit
  • Device Management
    • Device Model
    • Security
  • API Service
    • Create a Device Model with the Internet of Things
  • Internet of Things Gateway
    • IoT Edge Platform
    • IoT Gateway Cloud
    • IoT Service SDK
  • SAP IoT Application Enablement
    • Introduction and Onboarding
    • Thing Access and Tenant Administration
    • Configuring SAP Web IDE for IoT Application Enablement
  • Processing Data Using SAP Cloud Platform Services
    • SAP Cloud Platform Integration
    • SAP Cloud Platform Business Rules
    • SAP Business HUB additional services

SAP certified Development Associate – SAP Leonardo Certification

The SAP certified Development Associate – SAP Leonardo online certification exam validates that the participants possess the basic knowledge and proven skills in the area of machine learning and develop intelligence applications. The SAP Leonardo online training certification course with the guidance of experts training make sure that the participants can learn how to learn through machine without being programmed.


Career Path

The SAP Leonardo online certification course trained by expert professionals provides wide range of job opportunities owing its intelligent enterprise solutions. The leading companies hire SAP Leonardo consultants to effectively support developer skill, data scientists using functional services.

The following are the job titles in the area of SAP Leonardo:

·       SAP Consultant
·       Enterprise Architect
·       SAP Technical Consultant
·       SAP Data Consultant
·       SAP Supply Chain Technology Consultant
·       Executive Manager


Job Prospects

The SAP Leonardo consultant draws an average salary of $110,250 per year that can go upto $170,000 based on seniority level. Since data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence are driving the organizations in this new digital era, thus no doubt why SAP Leonardo professionals are in great demand in the industry.


Interview Questions


1.       Define SAP Leonardo?

SAP Leonardo assists the organization to work on new technologies and merge them into their businesses and gauge the solution flawlessly.


2.       What are the various emerging technologies used in SAP Leonardo?

The emerging technologies include machine learning, Internet of Things, Big data and Block chain under one platform.


3.       What are the key benefits of SAP Leonardo?

·       SAP Leonardo is the forerunner of a modern technology.

·       It focus on design thinking and forms new methodologies to meet the business challenges.

·       The machine learning technology is modelled at different levels.


4.       Why is SAP Leonardo suitable for an organization?

SAP Leonardo is significantly known as the leader of back-office software because the ERP enables the organization to deal with their finance, stock and supply chain, payroll and rest other core functionalities.


5.       List out the technological services provided by SAP Leonardo?

·       Internet of Things

·       Machine Learning

·       Analytics

·       Big Data

·       Block Chain

·       Data Intelligence


6.       Where can we deploy SAP Leonardo technology?

The SAP Leonardo deploys its technological services on cloud platform.


7.       List out the four industry sectors where SAP Leonardo is used?

SAP Leonardo caters the needs of four industry streams such as Retail, Consumer Products, Discrete manufacturing, sports and entertainment.


8.       Define supervised machine learning?

Supervised machine learning refers to the process where training labelled data is required.


9.       Define unsupervised machine learning?

The unsupervised machine learning is the process where the training label data is of no use.


10.   List out the three stages to build a model in machine learning?

·       Model building

·       Model testing

·       Model implementation


11.   Define Machine learning?

Machine learning is a process of developing an algorithm that provides the ability for the machine to gain the capacity to learn.


12.   Define Deep learning?

Deep Learning is the process where it is referred to be the subset of the machine learning process.


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