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SAP MDM (Master Data Management)

30 Hours
Self-paced Training (pre-recorded videos)
USD 17 (USD 140)
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SAP MDM (Master Data Management) course and certification
71 Learners

About this Course

The SAP MDM or master data management is the solution for data management and is an important component of SAP NetWeaver’s group. The SAP master data management is utilised as a strong foundation to combine, and synchronise a single centralized database for master data within assorted application environment.

In today’s competitive market, individuals who possess essential business and technological skill enjoy a significant advantage over their peers. This is particularly true if your expertise includes SAP software. The SAP Master Data Management (SAP MDM) program provides that competitive edge. When you are sap certified, you join a distinguished community of experts recognized globally. Today more than 14,000 consultants and users worldwide are part of this exclusive community.


Course Objective

The SAP Master Data management online certification course offered by SAP is intended for participants to provide the understanding of concepts and skills to excel in data management to give assurance for the integrity of the master data quality which can be accomplished using SAP NetWeaver platform.

Target Audience

  • MDM Solution Consultants

  • Project Team members



SAP MDM (Master Data Management)

Course Details & Curriculum
  • SAP NetWeaver MDM architecture
  • Data Management in SAP NetWeaver MDM
  • SAP NetWeaver MDM Data Manager modes
  • Taxonomy and Attributes
  • Matching Mode
  • Validations
  • Workflow
  • Basic repository management with SAP NetWeaver MDM Console
  • Basic import process with SAP NetWeaver MDM Import Manager
  • Master Data Consolidation
  • Master Data Harmonisation (including distribution with SAP NetWeaver MDM Syndicator)
  • Central Master Data Management
  • Introduction to the business scenarios Global Data Synchronisation, Customer Data Integration, and
  • Rich Product Content Management
  • Security and Auditing
  • Print Publishing
  • SAP NetWeaver Integration
  • Specifically covering Portal and BW
  • Solution Overview and Architecture
  • Explaining the IT scenarios involving MDM
  • MDM Architecture in Detail
  • MDM Console
  • Administering MDM and auxiliary servers
  • Administering MDM repositories
  • MDM Repository Table Types Advanced
  • MDM Repository Field Types Advanced
  • Multi-Lingual Configuration
  • MDM Data Manager
  • Data Manager Advanced Functions
  • MDM Expression Editor
  • MDM Data Manager Workflow
  • MDM Import Manager advanced functions
  • MDM Syndicator advanced functions
  • SAP NetWeaver Integration
  • Portal Integration
  • BI Integration
  • XI Integration
  • ERP Integration
  • MDM APIs
  • Business Objects Data Services
  • Web Services
  • Overview of the Global Data Synchronisation (GDS) Process
  • Installation procedure for GDS Console
  • Architecture of GDS
  • Data import to GDS
  • Data maintenance on GDS
  • System configuration
  • General Introduction to MDM Data Modeling
  • Necessity of Data Modeling
  • Nature of Master Data
  • MDM Data Modeling Basics
  • MDM Repository Tables
  • MDM Repository Fields
  • MDM Multi-lingual capabilities
  • MDM Data Modeling Practice
  • Data Modelingh Procedure
  • Data Modeling Best Practices
  • Data Modeling Performance Considerations
  • MDM Data Modeling Implementation Practice
  • Data Manager Relationships, Data Groups and Images
Career Path

The SAP MDM online certification course trained by expert professionals provides wide range of job opportunities owing its efficiency in handling master data. The leading companies hire SAP MDM consultants to manage data integrity effectively. 

The following are the job titles:

  • MDM Import Manager

  • Data Manager

  • Security manager

  • Data Consultant

  • MDM Consultant




Job Prospects


The SAP MDM consultant draws an average salary of 107,616 dollar per year based on seniority level.


Interview Questions

  1. Define SAP MDM?

SAP Master Data management is known for the enablement of the data integrity across global business network in an assorted IT environment. 

  1. List out the benefits of SAP master data management?

SAP master data management can:

  • Manage master data and rich content which includes text, high-resolution images, documents, and modeling diagrams in central repository.

  • Make sure the data-consistency using interactive distribution.

  1. List out the major featuring points in SAP MDM?

  • Access centralized repository as a storage hub to handle large chunk of data.

  • Distribute master data to internal systems and external applications as well.

  • Supplement master data with optimized rich content.

  1. List out the MDM business scenarios?

  • Master Data Consolidation

  • Master Data Harmonization

  • Central Master Data Management

  • Rich Product Content Management

  • Customer Data Integration

  • Global Data synchronization

  1. Define Master Data Consolidation?

Master Data consolidation scenario makes use of wield SAP NetWeaver MDM to fetch master data across various systems at a centralized storage location, analyse and remove duplicate objects, and  handle the local object keys for cross-system interaction.

  1. Define Master Data Harmonization?

Master Data harmonization improves the master data consolidation by advancing the consolidated master data details to all secured remote systems, thus maintaining high-quality data in varied system. 

  1. Explain the abilities of NetWeaver MDM?

SAP NetWeaver MDM is used to collect master data from SAP and non-SAP systems into centralized storage repository of collected information.

  1. List out the MDM functional components?

  • Import server

  • Syndication server

  • Console

  • Import Manager

  • Data Manager

  • Syndicator

  • Publisher


  1. Define Parametric import?

Parametric import is the latest methodology to import and interpret data that is conceptually identical to parametric search.

  1. Is SAP MDM powered by Xapp?

No, SAP MDM is an important component of Sap NetWeaver platform. SAP MDM is a licenced and stand-alone application in assorted environments and combines with SAP applications and X App in future.

  1. What are the objects supported by SAP MDM?

The SAP MDM will support the following master data objects:

  • Business partner

  • Product master

  • Product structure

  • Document Links

  • Technical assets

  • Change masters

  1. What are the services offered by SAP MDM?

The services offered are based on the type of objects and in general the services offered are object maintenance, object search, change notifications, supplicate check, object creation and discontinue notification.

  1. Is there any possibility to provide adaptors to all SAP solution?


SAP MDM provide adaptors for SAP CRM, SAP SRM, SAP R/3 in the first phase. SAP SCM is supported through SAP R/3 in the first phase. In the next level, a direct adaptor is given for SAP SCM.




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