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SAP NetWeaver Using OData

30 Hours
Self-paced Training (pre-recorded videos)
USD 17 (USD 140)
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SAP NetWeaver Using OData  course and certification
45 Learners

About this Course
SAP NetWeaver using OData Course

SAP NetWeaver Using OData

Course Details & Curriculum

     1. Introduction NetWeaver Gateway

2.       NetWeaver Gateway Usage

3.       Gateway Architecture overview

4.       Technical Components Involved

5.       Introduction to REST

6.       Introduction to OData

7.       OData advantages

8.       Introduction to OData formats JSON and XML

9.       Overview of Structure of an OData Service

10.   Overview of Service Document

11.   Overview of Service Metadata Document

·         Create

·         Read

·         Update

·         Delete

12.   OData Query Options

13.   Filtering and Projecting ($filter and $select)

14.   Sorting ($orderby)

15.   Client-Side Paging ($top, $skip, and $inlinecount)

16.   Counting ($count)

17.   Inlining ($expand)

18.   Formatting ($format)

19.   Introduction to OData Service Creation

20.   Service Creation Process Overview

21.   SAP NetWeaver Gateway Toolset

22.   SAP NetWeaver Gateway Service Builder

23.   Beyond the Service Builder: Supporting Tools during the Service Creation Process

24.   Steps in the Service Creation Process

25.   Data Model Definition in the Service Builder

26.   Service Registration in the SAP Business Suite System

27.   Service Implementation

28.   Service Maintenance

29.   The OData Channel Development Paradigm

30.   Model Provider Class

31.   Data Provider Class ad Data Provider Extension Class

32.   Service Development

33.   Data Model Definition

34.   Creating a Project

35.   Creating the Data Model

36.   Service Registration in the SAP Business Suite System

37.   Service Maintenance

38.   Incremental Service Implementation and Model Enhancement

39.   Feed (GET_ENTITYSET)

40.   Single Read (GET_ENTITY)

41.   Query Options

42.   Navigation Properties

43.   CRUD Methods

44.   Service Generation

45.   Generation via RFC/BOR Interface

46.   Data Model Definition

47.   Service Registration: Stub Creation

48.   Service Maintenance

49.   Service Implementation

50.   Model Composition: Include Gateway Service

SAP NetWeaver Certification Exam

SAP NetWeaver Course Completion Certificate

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