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30 Hours
Self-paced Training (pre-recorded videos)
USD 17 (USD 140)
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SAP S/4HANA TRM course and certification
267 Learners

About this Course

SAP TRM (Treasury and Risk Management) module is a series of solutions geared towards analysing and optimizing business processes in the finance area of a company.


 This SAP S/4HANA TRM training and certification course by Uplatz introduces you to the Treasury and Risk Management functionality in SAP S/4HANA including the steps, products and functions related to the Debt and Investment Management Process and the FX Risk Management Process.


Some of the key topics covered in SAP S/4HANA TRM training include: Overview of SAP Treasury and Risk solution, Distinguishing the connection to Other SAP Modules and Non-SAP, Providing a Process Overview on Risk Management, General Master Data, Debt and Investment Management process, Using the Money Market Trading Functions, Describing the Middle Office Functions: Correspondence, Employing the Back Office Functions, Performing Payments, Executing Postings in Accounting, Performing the period end process, Using Credit Lines, Describing the Cash Management Integration, Performing Analysis in the Transaction Manager, Managing Securities and other exchange traded products, Gaining efficiency with the Trade Finance Process, FX Risk Management Process, Handling FX Deals, Employing the FX Risk Management Process, Using the Exposure Management, Explaining Hedge Management and Hedge Accounting, Handling further Derivatives, Market Data Management, Risk Analysis and Optimization with the Market Risk Analyzer, Risk Limitation with the Credit Risk Analyzer.

In this SAP TRM course understand how SAP S/4HANA supports the main business processes and how to execute these in the system. Also, you will become familiar with the main steps, products and functions of the Debt and Investment Management process, the FX Risk Management Process including the new FX Hedge Management and Hedge Accounting. You will gain a understanding of the reporting within the Market and Credit Risk Analyzers.



Course Details & Curriculum

Introduction to SAP S/4HANA TRM


·       Treasury & Risk Management Introduction


·       Concepts of TRM


·       Basic settings


·       Company Code and required setting for G_L Accounts Creation


·       Customer Master Data


·       Business Partners Creation


·       Bank


·       Reporting options


 General Settings in Transaction Manager


·       General settings


·       Define Company Code additional data


·       Define Portfolio (Money Market, Foreign Exchange, Derivatives, Commodities and Securities)


·       Define Traders (Business Partners)


·       Assign Factory Calendar


·       Define and Assign Accounting codes and Valuation areas


·       Initialization of Parallel Valuation Areas


·       Define and Assign Valuation Classes


·       Define Account Determination


Transaction Manager: Security Management


·       Security Management overview


·       Master data


·       Trading and Back office


·       Accounting and Closing Operations


·       Position Management


Money Market / Foreign Exchange (includes Delta settings)


·       Define Product Types


·       Define Number range for Transaction Types


·       Define Flow Types Assign Flow Type to Transaction Type


·       Define Calculation Procedure for Derived Flows


·       Define Derivation Procedures and Rules


·       Define Update Types and Assign Usages


·       Assign Flow Types to Update Types


·       Define Correspondence Activities


·       Assign General Valuation Class




Transaction Manager: Forex, Derivatives


·       Foreign Exchange Trading


·       Trading function


·       Accounting Functions


·       Additional Information: Parallel position management


·       Valuation functions






·       Define Currency Units


·       Define Number Range for Security Classes


·       Define Company Code-Dependent Settings for the Product Type


·       Assign Flow Type to Transaction Type


·       Define Calculation Procedure for Derived Flows


·       Define Derivation Procedures and Rules




Market Data Management


·       Currency Exchange Entries


·       Reference Interest Rate Entries


·       Securities and Indexes


·       Enter Commodities Spot Prices


·       Credit Spreads for Transactions, Securities and Loans


·       Volatilities – Interest, Securities, Exchange




Credit Risk Analyzer


·       Global Settings


·       Define Collateral Priority


·       Define Collateral Type


·       Activate/Deactivate Financial Object Integration


·       Derive Default Risk Control Parameters for Money Market transactions


·       Activate Integrated Default Risk Limit Check




Market Risk Analyzer


·       Basic Settings


·       Define Maturity Band


·       Define Cash Flow Indicators& Cash Flow Types


·       Value at Risk


·       Key Figures and Evaluation Procedures


·       Simulation


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