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Android Development

20 Hours
Online Instructor-led Training
USD 168
Android Development  course and certification
78 Learners

About this Course

Android Development

Course Details & Curriculum

Course Level: Beginner

This course is designed for beginners who wish to become a mobile application

developer by using Android, which is one of the most popular programming

languages for mobile application development. It is a classroom-based course

that covers the essential topics to start programming with Android.


No existing knowledge on Android is required. This course is suitable for those

who already have basic Java programming knowledge.

1. Java Topics related to Android Development

o Inheritance
o Interface
o Inner class
o Collection Framework
o Other important topics relevant to Android

2. Environment Setup for Android Studio

o Installing the Studio
o Create Android Virtual Device

3. Android Architecture & Components

o Android Runtime
o Application Framework o Activities
o Services
o Broadcast Receivers
o Content Providers 

4. Hello World Example

o Create Android Application
o Structure of Android Application o The Activity File
o The Manifest File
o The Layout File
o The Strings File
o The R File

5. Resource Organizing & Accessing

o Alternative Resources
o Accessing Resources in Code o Accessing Resources in XML

6. UI Layouts

o Android Layout Types o Linear Layout
o Relative Layout
o Layout Attributes

7. UI Controls & Attributes

o TextView
o EditText
o Button
o CheckBox
o ToggleButton
o RadioGroup & RadioButton o ImageView

o Other controls

8. Style & Themes

o Defining Styles
o Using Styles
o Style Inheritance
o Android Themes
o Default Styles and Themes

9. Event Handling

o Event listeners & handlers o Event Listener Registration

§ UsinganAnonymousInnerClass
§ UsingActivityImplementsListenerInterface § Usingxmlattributeinlayout

10. Intents

o Intent Objects
o Android Intent Standard Action
o Types of Intent
o Passing and Receiving Data with Intent Extras

11. ListView and GridView

o ListView Attributes
o Array Adapter
o GridView Attributes

12. Making a ToDo List App with Login and Registration Form

o Designing an app concept
o Creating Layout with components o Creating Activities
o Implementing logic
o Building a working application

o Installing and Running on Device

13. Android Persistence

o Shared Preference
o SQLite Database

14. Android File I/O

o Internal Storage o SD card Storage

15. Google Maps API V2

o Showing current location
o Adding marker
o Customize Marker 

16. Android PHP/MySQL

o PHP/MySQL basics
o Creating database & tables with data
o PHP – GET and POST Methods
o Android connecting to MySQL

17. Android working with network data

o Background process
o Connecting via GET Method
o Connecting via POST Method
o JSON Parsing

18. Custom Listview with remote data

o Async Task
o API Call
o Base Adapter

19. Android Miscellaneous Topics

o Sending Mail, SMS
o Phone Calls
o Media Player

20. Android App with all possible functionalities

o Concept discussion
o Design and wire-framing
o Layout design
o Logic development (actual coding)
o Binding of data and navigation
o Final touches
o App key store generation
o Publish 

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